How to change hotmail password {Easy Way 2023}

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How to change hotmail password-Are you afraid that the password of your Hotmail email — the Microsoft email service that was replaced by the same company with Outlook.com — is too fragile and therefore easily subject to identification by any malicious people? If the answer is affirmative, immediately changing it to a more complex one is undoubtedly an excellent idea, to prevent someone from sneaking into your messages and reading confidential information. How do you say? You had already thought about it but, being inexperienced in IT and new technologies, you don’t have the faintest idea of ​​how to change your Hotmail password ?

If this is the case, I’m happy to inform you that you are in the right place, at the right time! Below, in fact, I will show you the steps you need to take to change the password of your Microsoft account (whether it’s Hotmail, Outlook or Live) and, for the sake of completeness of information, I will also explain to you how to achieve the same result from within Windows and, finally, how to recover your password in case you have forgotten it.

I know, apparently it may seem a little complicated, but you have to believe me, doing it is a real child’s game: just follow a special procedure proposed by Microsoft itself, fill in a few forms with the requested information and that’s it, you have the my word. To find out how to proceed, in both cases, read on. Find all the information you need right here. Happy reading and… good luck for everything!

How to change password Hotmail: email

How to change password Hotmail: email

You can change the password of your e-mail box (and, in general, of the entire Outlook/Hotmail account) directly from the appropriate section of the Redmond giant’s website, using any browser for computers, smartphones or tablets you prefer.

So, to get started, connected to the Microsoft account management page, press the Login button and enter the email address associated with the account in the appropriate text field. Subsequently, press the Next button , enter the account password in the appropriate field and press the Login button , to enter the e-mail box.

How to change hotmail password on phone Windows Android Computer

If you had previously activated two-factor authentication and it is the first time you access from the computer you are using, proceed to confirm your identity by choosing the second authentication method you prefer ( one-time password to be delivered via email/SMS or Authenticator application , for example Google Authenticator) and follow the instructions you follow on the screen, to complete the login.

If you have chosen to receive the single-use access code via email or telephone number, you will have to type the chosen address (or part of it) in the appropriate text box, as a further verification of your real identity.

Once logged in, press the Change password item located at the top (the key symbol ) or, if you can’t find it, expand the Security item by pressing the down arrow next to it and then select the Change password option , resident in the box that appears.

How to change password Hotmail: email

If everything went smoothly, you should be asked to confirm your identity again, after sending the single-use code to the secondary email address or via SMS; also in this case, you will have to confirm your email address/telephone number by entering it entirely in the field that appears on the screen and then press the Send the code button .

Once you have received the one-time password, enter it in the form that appears on the screen, press the Verify button and, if necessary, press the Next button , in order to merge your Skype and Microsoft accounts, if they are still separate.

We’re almost there: now type the current password in the dedicated text field, enter the new password in the two boxes below and specify whether or not to request the mandatory password change every 72 days , by intervening in the appropriate box. When you’re done, press the Save button to immediately apply the change, which will affect all the elements involved in your Microsoft account: email, Microsoft 365 login details, Skype login details, Xbox Live and so on.

After the password has been changed, all devices, programs and apps connected to the account and not considered trusted will be disconnected and will have to be configured again, after entering the new access key.

In any case, if you fear that your Microsoft account has been logged in illegally, you can force log out of all devices, including trusted ones , using the Security Dashboard: then press the Microsoft account item located at the top, to return to the Hotmail/Outlook profile management home page, expand the Security section by pressing its name and select the Additional security options item from the panel that appears on the screen.

At this point, scroll down the page that is proposed to you until you find the link called Disconnect me and press on it, to request disconnection from all browsers, apps and other trusted and untrusted locations (excluding Xbox consoles), within the next 24 hours.

Come cambiare password Hotmail: account Windows

Come cambiare password Hotmail: account Windows

If you use your Hotmail account to sign in to Windows 10 or Windows 11 , you can access the profile settings page even more easily. To start, open the Start menu by clicking on the flag symbol located on the left of the application bar, press on the little man symbol or on your name and surname residing in the menu that opens and choose the Change account settings item , from the panel that opens later.

Now, click on the Account box located in the new window that appears on the screen (accompanied by the wording Personal account management ) and wait a few moments for the Microsoft profile management page to open in a browser window . For the rest, the procedure to follow is identical to that already seen in the previous step of this guide.

If you then only want to change the unlock PIN , without changing the e-mail password, proceed as follows: right-click on the Windows Start button, choose the Settings item from the menu that appears and click, in sequence, on the wording Account and Access Options .

At this point, locate the Ways to access section, click on the PIN (Windows Hello) item and press the Change button , located next to the Change your PIN item ; finally, choose whether or not to enable the insertion of letters and symbols , by intervening in the dedicated box (by default, the PIN consists of digits only), then enter the old code and the new one (twice) in the appropriate fields text and click on the OK button to change it.

If you have never set a PIN before, instead of the Change button, you will see the Add button : to set a PIN for accessing the computer, which remains independent of the Microsoft account password, press the Add button and Specify the passcode in the screen that appears next. More info here.

How to recover hotmail password

How to recover hotmail password

If you need to recover your Hotmail account because you no longer remember the keyword associated with your account , you must instead act from the section of the Microsoft website dedicated to resetting your password, accessible from this link.

Once the page has loaded, enter the email address associated with the email account (or the corresponding Skype username) for which you want to recover the password, press the Next button and proceed by confirming your identity, using one of the alternative tools that you have associated with your account.

For example, if you have associated an email address or an emergency telephone number or have configured two-factor access, indicate whether to receive an email or SMS containing a verification code, by checking the dedicated box; then press the Next button , enter the email address or the secondary telephone number in the appropriate field and press the Send the code button to move on to the next step. If the information entered is correct, you should receive a single-use code at the previously chosen address within a few minutes.

Alternatively, if you have previously configured an Authenticator app as an additional authentication system, choose the Use my authentication app option and take a look at the notification generated by the app, containing the single-use code to be used to validate access .

Please note that, by default, the Microsoft website only shows the verification mode used most often; to view all those available for the account to be recovered, press the link Show other verification methods , located in the panel for selecting the method of sending the code.

In any case, once you have received the single-use code, enter it in the text field you see on the Microsoft site and press the Verify button : if everything went smoothly, a new form should be shown, in which you must type the new password twice consecutively. When you’re done, hit the Save button and you’re done.

How to recover hotmail password

There’s no way you can pass the ID verification because you have no access to your alternate email address or phone? Don’t worry, you can still try to regain access to your account by taking a questionnaire which, in theory, you should be the only one who can answer.

If this is your case, choose the Show other verification methods and I don’t have any of these info options from the panel for choosing the identity confirmation method, press the Next button and, if you have previously printed the recovery code of the your profile, enter it in the dedicated field and press the Use recovery code button : if the information is correct, you can immediately reset your password.

If you do not have any recovery code available, press the No button and fill in the following form with the requested information: the email address/Skype account to be recovered, a different email address on which to be contacted and the characters for passing the -robots . When you’re done, press the Next button , log in to the email account specified above and open the message received from Microsoft containing the verification code.

Enter it in the appropriate text field, press the Verify button and follow the instructions provided to reset your password: in this phase, you should be asked to confirm your identity by answering a few questions regarding the creation of your account. In addition, in order to regain possession of your account, you may be asked to answer the security question, if you have set it up.

For more information, take a look at my guide on how to recover a Microsoft account, in which I have illustrated all the steps to follow with extreme precision.