How to change your voice in google Meet

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You and your friends hear each other often Google Meet, the hugely popular video conferencing service from Google, and you think that in one of your video calls it would be really funny if you suddenly start speaking in a voice that is not yours? Maybe that of a robot? Well, I would say yes!

So let me suggest how to achieve this goal of yours: I guarantee you it’s really easy. If you have the patience to follow me in this tutorial of mine, I will show you, precisely, how to change voice in meet. All you need to do is use some software that I will recommend in the next chapters to surprise your friends and maybe you could also explain to them how to replicate it, to make your calls even more hilarious!

At that time? What do you say? Interested in disguising your voice on Meet? Yes? Very well, then take five minutes of free time and read what I have to offer. However, please use this solution only for innocent jokes and to have fun with your friends. Don’t bother anyone or try to disguise your identity. I do not assume responsibility for the use you will make of the information that I will give you. Clear? Very well, then I would say that we can proceed!

How to change voice on Google Meet: PC

If you are interested in finding out how to change voice on google meet, this is the right place to start: I will devote each of the next chapters to the programs that you can safely use to change your voice on Google Meet. It is really simple software to use, also available at no cost.

For everything to work well, you’ll simply have to download them, install them, leave them active in the background and, finally, activate them right on Meet. Here is everything explained in detail.

Clownfish Voice Changer (Windows)

Clownfish Voice Changer interface

The first program that can do for you is Clownfish Voice Changer. Why exactly this? Simple, because it is, above all, a completely free software, very light and one of the most complete currently on the PC. It is compatible with all the most popular versions of Windows (from Vista onwards) and you can use it not only on Meet, but also on many other programs and services that allow you to make calls and video calls, Skype, Discord, Hangouts, TeamSpeak but also others software intended for other purposes, such as Steam.

To download Clownfish Voice Changer on your PC, you simply need to open the program’s official website and click on one of the buttons above which shows the name of your operating system. If on your PC, for example, there is installed Windows 10 64-bitclick on the button 64bit Downloads (64bit VSTs).

Once the download is complete, open the .exe file got and answer Yes to the Windows permission prompt. At this point, press the button Next three consecutive times and complete the setup by pressing on install, Next And Finish.

Great, now you can start using Clownfish Voice Changer and play around with the available effects. When you start the program, no windows of any kind will pop up on the screen. This is because the software will automatically activate in the background and you can control it directly from its icon located in thenotification area (near the Windows clock).

Clownfish Voice Changer icon

To activate or deactivate the program, just click on the icon in question (the pinwheel), which will turn orange if Clownfish is active or gray if the program is off. To access its menu, however, just right click on the icon in question.

To set a specific effect to your voice, click on the voice Set Voice Changer from the drop down menu. To apply one of the available effects, then click on square icons you see: have fun trying them all. You can also add a background sound effect that will distort your voice by clicking on the button Vocoders and selecting one of the different audio signals.

Finally, I advise you to reduce the sensitivity of the microphone to a minimum, to minimize the echo effect. To do this, move the cursor under the text microphone sensitivity at the right end. Also, make sure that the item is not checked in the command drop-down menu Listen to the microphone. Lastly, always speak at a certain distance from the microphone to reduce the feedback effect as much as possible.

Very good! Now start a video conference in Meet and make sure that Clownfish is active in the background: the program will immediately start changing your voice. If not, make sure Meet’s audio input is set to voice Communications — Microphone. To do this, on the video conference screen, click on the icon three dots located at the bottom right and then click on the item Settings. Then go to the tab Audiounder the wording Microphoneand click to select the item Communications — Microphone.

Meet microphone

The program also provides you with individual sound effects, such as the sound of a applause or that of one laugh: to play them, click on the item Sound player in the drop-down menu.

Then, in the list, select the one you prefer and play it whenever you want, by clicking on the button play. If you want, you can also assign the keyboard shortcut to it Ctrl+F12. It will be fun to hear the fanfare melody when your friend joins the call!

Voice mods (Windows)

Voicemod Interface

How do you say? Do you like the program I showed you in the previous chapter but would you like to try something else as well? There is no problem, in this case my advice is to try voicemod.

Also in this case it is an easy-to-use software, also suitable for low-performing PCs and really very complete, with many voice filters and a much more modern interface compared to other similar software. Furthermore, the developers of the program have indicated the latter as particularly suitable, as well as for Google Meet, also for multiplayer games, such as PUBG, Valorant and League of Legends.

The software is available in version basis with 7 voice effects (every week you will find 7 new ones that can be used to replace the previous ones) and in version Pros with 77 effects and the ability to create them yourself and save them on your PC. The license of this latest version is available in 3 different solutions: 3 months at a total cost of 9 euros, 1 year at 15 and unlimited at 29.

To use Voicemod you will need a PC with 64-bit Windows installed (Windows 7 and up). To proceed with the download of the basic version of the program, connect to its official website and click on the button Get Voicemod Free. Once the process is done, open the .exe file got and answer Yes to the Windows permission prompt.

Then select the tongue and click on the buttons Okay And After you. Then put a check mark on the item I accept the terms of the license agreement and click on the buttons After you (twice in a row), Install And endto complete the setup.

Now you can open the program. Before you start using it, however, you will need to log in, choosing whether to do it with a Discord, Apple, Google or Twitch account. Once this step is complete, click on the button Let’s go! to start.

Great – now choose yours microphone and yours headphones (or speakers) from the list, pressing on their names, and click on the button Continues. After that, for everything to work properly, make sure that the switch is next to the entry Voice changer (bottom) is on. If not, click on it.

Ok, now select one of the available items by clicking on their icons in the tab Voiceboxes. Finally, open the tab Settings and set to value 1 or 2 microphone volume by dragging the indicator on the bar to the left. Also be sure to speak at a certain distance from the microphone – this will minimize the feedback effect.

Google Meet microphone Voicemod

Now you can finally switch to Google Meet, but always check first that Voicemod is active in the background. From the Meet video conferencing screen, click on the icon three dots located at the bottom right and then click on the item Settings.

Now, in the tab Audiounder the wording Microphoneclick to select the item Microphone (Voicemod Virtual Audio Device (WDM))finally click on the icon x to close the window.

Perfect, now you should be able to speak to the voice you selected on the program. Good fun!

How to change your voice on Google Meet: mobile

Voice changer app

You are wondering how to change voice in meet when you use it on a tablet or smartphone? Unfortunately, I have to inform you that at the moment there are no apps that allow you to interact directly with the mobile version of Google Meet. Yep, that’s really a shame.

In any case, I would like to inform you that there are several applications that allow you to enjoy changing your voice during phone calls and also in audio recordings. If you read this guide, you can also find out which ones I think are the best voice mods, which I mentioned in the previous chapter, is available on both Android (also check the alternative stores) and iOS/iPadOS. Did you know that on Google Meet you can also use video call backgrounds and various visual effects? Check out my dedicated tutorials to learn more.