How to close gmail account permanently {Update 2023}

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How to close gmail account permanently-You would like to close your account Gmail without renouncing the other branded services Google? No problem. By entering the management panel of your Google account you can request the deactivation of Gmail without losing access to Google Drive, YouTube, Google Calendar and all the other services of the Mountain View giant.

Before seeing how to close gmail account I want to advise you to download a backup copy of the conversations and contacts on the service to your PC, all for free and without having to install special programs on your computer: also in this case, just access the control panel of your Google account and click on a pair of buttons.

To find out what are all the steps you need to take, read the guide below. We’ll first look at how to make a copy of your emails, then how to back them up, and then we’ll focus on deleting your Gmail account. I’ll also give you instructions on how to completely delete your Google account, in case you want to get rid of it. I just have to wish you a good read: you’ll see, everything will be very simple.

How to close Gmail account From Phone using For Pc Windows Android

Google Takeout for Gmail backups

The first thing to do, and which I strongly recommend, is to create a copy of all your mail before closing your Gmail account: it could come in handy, you never know. So one has to proceed with the backup and the way to do it is Google Takeouts. This is a Google service that comes to your aid when you need to save and archive all of your account data. How to proceed? Let’s see it together.

From PC you need to connect to the Google Takeout page and log in, in case you haven’t already done so. Therefore, select all the data you want to save (for Gmail mail you must necessarily tick the box relating to Mail) and click on Next step.

In the screen that you are now facing, you have to choose the type of file, the backup frequency and also the destination of the same. Let’s proceed step by step: in relation to the voice Transfer to you have to choose between the options Email the download link or Add to Drive, Add to Dropbox, Add to OneDrive, Add to Box.

In the field FrequencyInstead, you have to choose between Export an archive or Export every two weights for one year. Now the file type, then .zip or .tgz and finally the size: 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 10GB or 50GB. Finish the operation by clicking on Create exportthen wait for it to finish – it could take hours or even days, but you’ll receive an email when the export is complete.

You can also proceed from a smartphone or tablet. If you use android you need to reach the page related to your account, then enter the Settings of your mobile device, press up Google (or Accounts > Google) and then tap on Manage your Google Account. From the point Data and privacy onwards everything is identical to the PC procedure that I described to you a little while ago.

Also from iPhones And iPads it is possible to get to Google Takeout, but from a browser. Then proceed as seen above for the PC procedure.

If you need more help with this, read my in-depth tutorial on how Google Takeout works.

How to delete gmail account from pc

How to delete gmail account from pc

Now that you have saved all the emails we can see how to delete gmail account from pc. The first step is to connect to this Google page and log in.

You now have a list of Google services in front of you that you have used and continue to use. Locate the entry Gmail and next to it you see an icon of a basket: you need to click this button. To delete your Gmail account and continue using other Google services, however, you must indicate a alternative email addressbecause the Gmail one will be deleted.

Enter the email you usually use in the field Enter an email address (note: it must not be a Gmail address). To go on you have to click on Send verification email and wait for a message to verify the new email address. Only after this check will the Gmail service be deleted: follow the instructions on the screen and if you are asked for further confirmation of your choice to delete the Gmail account, click on Remove Gmail.

Want to know too how to delete google account completely? All right, connect to this page and log in if prompted. Read Google’s warnings before proceeding and, if you are convinced, tick the box relating to the items Yes, I acknowledge that I am still responsible for all charges arising from any pending financial transactions and understand that under certain circumstances my earnings will not be paid And Yes, I want to permanently delete this Google Account and all related datathen click on Delete account.

How to delete gmail account from phone

With regard to How to delete gmail account from mobileI want to make some clarifications. You may just need to know how to unlink your account from your phone and as a result stop receiving mail from your Gmail address. In this case you need to access your device’s Settings and proceed from there. If, on the other hand, you want to delete Gmail from your Google account or delete the entire Google account, you must proceed in a similar way to what was seen on the PC. For all the details, read on (the indications also apply to tablets).

How to close gmail account on android

How to close gmail account on android

Let’s start by seeing how to delete gmail account on android.

If you simply want disassociate the account from the deviceApril Settingsgo up Google (or Accounts > Google) and press onemail address you want to remove. At this point press on three dots at the top right and then presses on Remove accounts. Find more information on how to remove Gmail account from your phone in my dedicated tutorial.

If, however, you want delete Gmail or your Google account completelyApril Settingsgo up Google (or Accounts > Google) and press on Manage your Google Account: the page with all the settings relating to your profile will open.

Touch Data and privacyat the top, then scroll the screen until you find the entry Data about apps and services you use: find below Download or delete your data. Now you have to follow the same procedure that I indicated for the PC.

How to delete gmail account from iphone

How to delete gmail account from iphone

If you simply want remove a Gmail account set up on iPhone or iPadgo to the menu Settings > Mail > Accounts and select the item related to yours Gmail account. At this point, if you want to remove Gmail exclusively from the Mail app, Contacts or Notes, move up OFF the relative levers. If, on the other hand, you want to delete it completely from the device, press the button Delete account and confirm. More info here.

If, on the other hand, you’re wondering how to close gmail account from iphone (or iPads), you open Safari or any other browser you prefer and follow the same instructions I gave you to proceed from PC.