How to create a Gmail mailbox

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I’m pretty sure many have told you: among all the services for managing email via the Web, Gmail is one of the best, as well as being one of the most used in the world. The reason for its success is quite well known: the possibility of being used completely free to send and receive emails easily, via browser. Gmail, an email service developed by Google, does not require the installation of programs on your computer to be installed and does not even need configuration.

How do you say? Are you aware of the enormous potential of the email service developed by Google? You clicked this guide because you want to know how to create a gmail mailbox? So what are you waiting for? Keep reading this guide, I will explain everything in detail. If your goal is to learn more about how to create a Gmail mailbox, in this tutorial I wrote you will find everything you need.

In fact, you must know that I know this Webmail service perfectly and that I can guide you blindfolded in creating an e-mail box. You don’t have to worry at all, all you need is some free time and you can do it in the blink of an eye. Having said that, you just have to sit back and continue reading this tutorial. Are you ready? Yes? Very good! So let’s not get lost in chatting further and let’s see together, step by step, how to create a Gmail e-mail address. I wish you a good reading.


How to create a Gmail mailbox (Computer)

The procedure for creating a Gmail mailbox using your computer requires that you have to open your favorite browser for Internet browsing. It doesn’t matter whether you have a Windows or macOS operating system; you simply need one of the most popular browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari and similar).

Once the browser is open, you will need to go to the official website of the Google Gmail service. Once you have reached the Gmail home page, you have two options: at the top right, click on the button Log into access your Gmail box or click the button Create an account. Since your goal is to create a Gmail mailbox, click on this last button to start the process of creating your mailbox.

You will be prompted to fill out a form for creating a Gmail account. Then type first name And surnameThe username of the mailbox you want to create (the resulting mailbox at the end of the procedure will be username@gmail.com) and the password to be used to access the latter (to be repeated in the field Confirm password). After that, click on the button After you.

Now, if you want, indicate a secondary email address it’s a cellphone number to be used to recover your password in case you forget it, then enter yours date of birth and yours belonging gender in the appropriate fields and click on again After you.

A new page will appear on the screen; this will show you the Terms of Service by Google. Take some time if you want to read them, put the check mark next to the two items relating to their acceptance and then click on the button Create account to complete the process of creating your account.

If you want more granular control over the data to provide to Google, press the button before accepting the terms of service More options and indicate the data you want Google to collect between web and app activity, personalized ads, search and YouTube history, youtube history, location history And voice and audio activityusing the appropriate boxes.

Mission accomplished! Now you have a Gmail account to use freely on all your devices. To access it from a computer, open the browser you usually use to surf the Internet and connect to this page.

How do you say? Already have a Gmail account and want to create another one? No problem, it can be done, and you can log out of your current account at any time to quickly switch to the new one (and vice versa).

To proceed, click on the colored circle or on Your photo at the top right of the Gmail main page: a small window will open with some information. Then click the button Add accounts em in the new tab that will appear on the screen, you will be asked to log in to the Gmail account you already have, with which you want to log in.

If you already have it, simply enter the requested data on the screen and click on the button After you. If you want to create another one, just click on the entry More options and select the item Create account. You will again see the same form you filled out previously. If you need help filling it out, you can go back to the beginning of this paragraph and re-read the procedure for creating a Gmail mailbox.

Since you have multiple Gmail accounts connected, you can access each of them by clicking on the colored circle or the Your photo at the top right and select one of the Gmail accounts from the list to access the respective mailbox.

How to create a Gmail mailbox (Android)

If you have an Android mobile device, you can create a new Gmail mailbox directly from your device settings.

The procedure you must follow is simple: tap on the application of Settings (the icon with the symbol of a gear present on the home screen) and scroll through the list of items until you find the one Accounts. Then tap on it and select the option Add Accounts. You will be shown a list of possible accounts that you can add to your device. In this case, select Google.

Wait a few seconds for a screen to add a Google account to appear. Tap on the item below Create an account and then up After you to start creating your Gmail account. Then enter yours first name And surname in the appropriate fields and tap on After you. Then enter yours date of birth and yours sexalways tapping the button After you.

Now you will have to choose yours username. Choose one of your imagination or enter your first name followed by your last name (or vice versa) to check if it is available. Once you have filled in that field, tap on After you to enter a password to associate with your Gmail account you are creating.

Then press on After you and then up Yes I accept to add your phone number to your account, or scroll to the bottom and select the item More options. By selecting this last option you will be given the option not to add any numbers to your account. If you don’t want to add it, tap on No, don’t add my phone number and tap on End.

The next step is to accept the terms of service. Then scroll the screen, tick the two boxes for accepting the terms of use and tap on Create account (if you want to select precisely the data to be shared with Google, tap on More options). Then tap on After you and wait a few seconds. A screen for adding payment details will appear: if you don’t want to add them, tap on No thank youfollowed by Continues.

With this procedure you have therefore created a Gmail mailbox via your Android device. The e-mail on your smartphone can therefore be consulted by you, by downloading the application for free Gmail from the Play Store of your device (if this is not already pre-installed as standard).

How to create a Gmail mailbox (iOS)

On iOS, the procedure for creating a Gmail mailbox is similar to that indicated for Android. What changes is that you will first have to download the Gmail application on iOS and then, through it, start the procedure indicated in the previous paragraph. But let’s go in order.

First download the app Gmail from the iOS App Store. Once open, tap the icon with the symbol of a magnifying glass; then type the word Gmail and press the key send from the virtual keyboard of your device.

Then locate the app Gmail developed by Google and tap on Getfollowed by Install. If prompted, type your iCloud account password or place your finger on Touch ID to verify your identity.

Once the application has been installed from your device, start it by tapping its icon (or press the button You open from the App Store) to start the procedure for creating an email account.

When the app starts, the first thing you need to do is tap the button Log in you will see on the screen and then press the button Continues to the notice that will appear.

You will then be sent to the official Google website and you will be able to carry out the procedure that I have indicated in the previous lines to create your Gmail e-mail address.