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How to create a Hotmail account online www hotmail.com {Update 2023}

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How to create a Hotmail account-And so you too have decided to create a Hotmail account , right? If you ended up on this tutorial this is most likely the case. How do you say? Not sure how to access Hotmail from your computer, your Android smartphone or your iPhone/iPad? Don’t worry, I’m here to help you.

In this guide, in fact, I will explain to you step by step both how to create a Hotmail account and how to access it from various devices and operating systems. Before starting to thoroughly dissect the subject, however, I would like to give you a general smattering regarding the characteristics of this famous e-mail service.

First of all, we must inform you that Hotmail is no longer available as an actual e-mail service. It’s been several years now since Microsoft decided to replace it with Outlook.com. However, fear not: although the e-mail service was sent “retired” in the now distant 2013, it is still possible to create an e-mail address that has the suffix @hotmail.com . It’s just that today, to create a Hotmail account, you need to go through Outlook.com. Read on for all the details.

How to create a Hotmail account-hotmail.com login email sign in hotmail


It is not possible to access an account without first creating it. Therefore, before seeing how to access Hotmail , you need to find out how to create a Hotmail account .

As I mentioned in the introductory part of the guide, you must necessarily “pass” from Outlook.com , the Microsoft service that took the place of Hotmail in 2013.

Then connect to the Outlook welcome page and click on the Create a free account button (bottom right) in order to create a new account. Then specify the first part of the new e-mail address in the appropriate text field and select the @hotmail.com domain from the drop-down menu on the right . If you don’t do this, you won’t create a Hotmail account, you will create an Outlook.com account. After that, click on the Next button to continue.

Now provide the password with which to protect the account, in the appropriate text field, and click on the Next button . When creating the password, remember to use an invented word that is made up of numbers, letters and even some symbols ( ! , ? , & , $ ,  , = , + , \*#§ , etc.). After creating the password, keep it in a safe place away from prying eyes. Other tips on how to create secure passwords are contained in the tutorial that I have just linked to you, should it interest you.

In conclusion, provide your name and surname in the appropriate text fields, click on the Next button , indicate the country/geographical area and date of birth , click on the Next button twice in a row, carry out the security check by following the instructions that appear on the screen and press the Done button . Have you seen? Creating a Hotmail account through Outlook.com was easier than expected, just like I told you!

Now all that remains is to see how to access your new Hotmail account from your computer (Windows PC or Mac), from your Android smartphone or tablet and/or from your iPhone/iPad. All you have to do is read the following chapters patiently.

How to access Hotmail from PC

If you are interested in finding out how to access Hotmail from a PC , know that you can do it via browser, via the Outlook.com service web panel; from Microsoft Outlook , the famous e-mail client of the Redmond giant; or using other programs to manage e-mail. Find it all explained below.

How to access Hotmail from browser


Accessing Hotmail from the browser is very simple: just go to the Outlook.com main page, press the Access button at the top right, write your e-mail address in the E-mail, telephone or Skype text field and click on the Next button .

Done? Well, now provide the account password in the appropriate text field and press the Login button . If you have entered the correct password, then you will be able to access your new Hotmail account without problems and manage it from your browser. You’re happy?

Note: if you have 2FA activated on your Microsoft account, you will be asked to also enter the one-time verification code to be generated via the authenticator app or received via SMS.

If you are wondering how to access Hotmail from another computer , know that the steps to take are always the same: just be careful NOT to save the access data in the browser in use on a PC other than yours, because this would compromise the security of your account, as you can well imagine.

How to access Hotmail from Outlook

Microsoft Outlook

Would you like to access Hotmail from Outlook , thus taking advantage of the famous Microsoft email client? Nothing simpler. Just start it (if you haven’t downloaded it yet, you can do it by following the instructions I’ve given you here) and provide the access data for your Hotmail email address.

Provision, therefore, to open Microsoft Outlook on your computer, write the e-mail address of your interest in the appropriate text field, present in the main window of the application and click on the blue Connect button . Subsequently, select the Outlook.com option present in the new window that has opened, enter the password to access your Hotmail account in the appropriate text field (if you have activated 2FA you will be asked to also enter the US verification code -throw or to generate a specific password for the app), click on the Login button , wait for the account to be added and click on the Done button .

If you have previously used Outlook and you have already set up one or more e-mail addresses in the Microsoft home client, before carrying out the steps described above, you must open the File menu (top left) and click the (+) button Add Accounts .

By doing this, you will be able to send and receive mail from your Hotmail address using Microsoft Outlook. Convenient, right?

How to access Hotmail without Outlook

Windows 10 Mail

Obviously, if you want to access Hotmail without Outlook , know that you can decide to configure your account on any other email client. If your account isn’t set up automatically by simply entering your email address and password (if you have 2FA enabled, you may need to generate an app password or enter a one-time code), you can use the parameters IMAP which are indicated below.

  • Incoming mail server (IMAP): imap-mail.outlook.com (or outlook.office365.com)
  • Porta: 993
  • Encrypted connection: SSL
  • Username: enter your address@hotmail.com
  • Password: Enter your Hotmail account password
  • Outgoing mail server (SMTP): smtp-mail.outlook.com (or smtp.office365.com)
  • Port: 25 (or 587)
  • Authentication: Yes
  • Encrypted connection: TLS

The IMAP parameters that I have given you above could be used to configure the account in email clients that do not support automatic synchronization with Hotmail/Outlook by entering a username and password. For convenience, below I leave you the steps to take to configure a Hotmail address in various of the most popular clients.

  • Windows 10 Mail – after opening the client pre-installed in Windows 10, click on the (≡) button located at the top left, select the Account item from the menu that opens and click on the (+) Add account button . Therefore, select the wording Outlook.com in the new window that opens, click on the Microsoft account item and click on the Continue button . Then access the account by indicating the Hotmail address in the text field E-mail, telephone or Skype , click on the Next button , provide the password in the appropriate text field and click on the Login button. Finally, press the Done button . If the account is not configured automatically, you can configure it “manually” using the IMAP parameters that I have just provided.
  • Mozilla Thunderbird (Windows / macOS / Linux) – after opening the program, click on the item Create a new account and then on Email . After that you will need to set up an existing account, namely your Hotmail.com account. After that you will have to fill in the required fields ( email , password , etc.) and manually enter the IMAP parameters that I provided you before. More info here.
  • Apple Mail (macOS) — open the client that you find pre-installed on macOS, click on the Mail item (top left, next to the Apple logo), select the Add account wording from the menu that opens and select the Other Mail account item from the menu proposed. Then click on the Continue button , specify your e-mail address and password in the appropriate text fields and click on the Login button . If the account is not configured automatically, you can configure it manually using the IMAP parameters that I have indicated above.

How to access Hotmail from smartphones and tablets

Do you want to access Hotmail from smartphones and tablets ? In that case, know that you have several options, such as using the official Outlook app or a third-party application.

How to access Hotmail from Outlook app

Outlook mobile

If you intend to access Hotmail from the Outlook app , you simply need to install it on your Android device (if you have a device without Google services, you can install it through an alternative store) or iOS / iPadOS.

To install the app, search for it in your device’s store and press the Install button (on Android) or Get/Install (on iOS/iPadOS, where you may need to verify your identity via Face ID , Touch ID or ID password Apple). Now wait for the Outlook app to install and press Open to start it.

Once the app opens, press the Add account button on the welcome screen, provide the email address you wish to add to the app (therefore your Hotmail email address), using the appropriate text field , and click on Continue (bottom right).

Now, type the account password in the appropriate text field and press the Login button (if you have activated 2FA you will also be asked to enter the one-time verification code). You will be asked if you want to add another account: if you don’t want to do so, you can easily tap the Maybe later item .

At this point, you will find yourself in front of the main screen of the Outlook app, where you can read the messages that have arrived on your Hotmail account, which you can manage in all respects from your mobile. You’re happy?

How to access Hotmail from other apps

Hotmail su Gmail

If instead of the Outlook app you prefer to use other email management apps , I’ll explain how to set up your Hotmail account in some of these, among the most popular, below. Also in this case the “usual” indications on 2FA apply.

  • Gmail (Android / iOS / iPadOS) – after opening the Gmail app, tap the button located (≡) at the top left, press the Settings> Add account> Outlook, Hotmail and Live items , provide the address of your Hotmail account in the appropriate text field, press the Next button , write the password of the same in the appropriate text field, tap the Login button , press the Yes button and, finally, press the Next button at the bottom right ( twice in a row).
  • Apple Mail (iOS / iPadOS) — to set up your Hotmail account in the mail client included “standard” in iOS / iPadOS, open the Settings app (the gray icon with gears located on the home screen) and tap on the items Mail > Accounts > Add Account , tap the Outlook.com icon and type your Hotmail email address. Then press the Next button , enter the password in the appropriate field and touch the Login button . Confirm the operation by pressing Save at the top right. “Magically” your Hotmail account can be used directly in the Mail application, pre-installed on your Apple device.

Naturally, you can also configure your Hotmail account on many other email management apps, also taking advantage of the IMAP parameters that I provided you in one of the previous chapters (if access does not take place automatically with username and password).

For more information on how to configure Hotmail on Android and how to configure Hotmail on iPhone, read the insights I have dedicated to the topic, because it could come in handy.

How to login to hotmail without password

Recuperare account Hotmail

If, unfortunately, you do not remember the password of your Hotmail account, you can start the procedure for recovering it.

So if you are wondering how to access Hotmail without a password , connected to the Outlook.com login page, provide the address you wish to recover in the appropriate text field and click on the Next button . After that click on the Forgot Password? and, depending on which recovery info you had set up, choose one to reset your account password.

For example, you can choose to recover your Hotmail account password via an alternative email address , via a text message to your mobile phone or via a call . After choosing one of the options available to you, click on Get code .

You will receive a code: enter it in the appropriate text field and press the Next button . You will then be able to reset your password. Enter the new password in the New password and Confirm password text fields , click the Next button again and you’re done.

If you have carried out the procedure correctly, a message confirming the operation will appear on the display. Simply click on the Next button again to access the form that will allow you to access your Hotmail account. If in doubt, for more information on how to recover Hotmail password, read the guide I have dedicated to the subject.