How to create free email

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Are you considering changing your e-mail address but have not yet chosen which service to subscribe to? Do you need a new email address or do you need to create one for a relative or friend of yours? Great, you’ve come to the right place: I’ll help you figure out how to create email and you’ll find all the answers you’re looking for in this guide.

You must know that there are now many e-mail services, all free and extremely flexible: they can be used directly via the Web, in traditional mail clients (such as Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.) or on smartphones and tablets, keeping the data synchronized on all platforms.

Another feature that unites them is the large storage space for attachments. Thanks to the integration with some cloud storage services, such as Google Drive in Gmail and Microsoft OneDrive in Outlook.com, it is possible to send and receive large files even several GB. But now let’s ban the chatter and see how to proceed in practice.

How to create free email

You have several choices to consider about how to create free email , not just one. Gmail is one of the most used email services, but it’s certainly not the only one: you’ve surely heard of Hotmail or Tiscali, for example.

If you already know which e-mail service to use, you can go immediately to the dedicated paragraph, alternatively you can evaluate which is right for you and choose at the end of the reading how you prefer and with whom to create your e-mail. I’ll give you instructions to proceed from a PC (follow these in case you’re looking for answers on how to create email on a Mac ) or from smartphones and tablets , where possible.

Create Gmail email

Create Gmail email

Creating Gmail email is extremely simple and fast. Connect to the Gmail main page and click on the Create an account button . At this point, fill in all the required fields: Name and Surname , your Username that will precede @gmail.com , then choose a secure Password (always make sure you follow the criteria to make it secure and effective) and repeat it in the Confirm field . Then hit Next .

On the next screen you are asked to enter your Phone number (optional) , a Recovery email address (optional) , enter your date of birth and indicate your Gender . Click on Next . Choose between Quick customization and Manual customization , click Next again . Now press on Confirm regarding the personalization and cookie settings and then on Accept for Privacy and terms. Always remember to carefully read what you are accepting to avoid running into nasty surprises.

Finally, you should know that you can manage your e-mail on your mobile devices with the Gmail app for Android and iOS / iPadOS. In this regard, I can also show you the procedure for creating Gmail email from a smartphone . If you have an Android device , follow this path on your mobile device: Settings > Google , then press the account in use (if any) and then on Add another account > Create an account > For me . Now fill in all the required fields.

If you use an iPhone , or an iPad , you can do much the same. Then proceed as follows: Settings > Mail > Accounts > Add account > Google and press Continue . Now follow the instructions I gave you just now to fill in the fields and go on.

You can access Gmail from apps on mobile devices or via Webmail : open the browser you usually use to surf the Internet and connected to the official Gmail site. You will be asked to log in with your Google account, enter the credentials you just created and follow the on-screen instructions.

Alternatively, you could consider logging in using an email client on your computer (or even on your smartphone or tablet) by entering your username and password or, if required, manually entering the Gmail IMAP parameters: I explained everything in the minimum details in the tutorial on how to access Gmail from a client.

For more information on how Gmail works and how to create Gmail emails, read my dedicated guides.

Create Hotmail email

Create Hotmail email

If you intend to create Hotmail email, you should know that the service is now called Outlook.com and, of course, still belongs to Microsoft . Therefore, to proceed connected to the appropriate page and click on Create free account . Now you have to fill in all the required fields, starting from the email address and then writing the username in the New email address field . You can also choose how to complete it: by clicking on @outlook.it you can select an alternative to the extension between @outlook.com and @hotmail.com . Press Nextand proceed with the creation by entering the required data.

If you prefer to proceed from your smartphone or tablet, you can proceed from your device’s menu as explained in the chapter on Gmail or you can use the Microsoft Outlook app for Android and iOS/iPadOS. Proceed with installation, open the app and press Create new account ; then proceed to fill in the required fields.

Now that you have an Outlook.com email address, all you have to do is start using it on the various devices you usually use. Then you can choose to access your mailbox via browser, by connecting to the Outlook mail site, via the official app or email client . For more information on how to create Hotmail emails, how to use Outlook and how to configure Hotmail on Android and iPhone, read my dedicated guides.

Create e-mail Free

Create e-mail Free

Do you want to know how to create e-mail with Libero ? Great, the first step you need to take is to connect to the Libero Mail page and click on Register now . You must then enter your data starting with the Username and Password . You will also be asked for your Name , Surname , Date of birth , Gender and City where you live . When you finish filling out the fields on a page, click Next to proceed and follow the on-screen instructions.

Also in this case you can create your e-mail with Free from mobile devices. Find the app available for Android, iOS / iPadOS and also Huawei devices. Install the app, open it and press Register for Free , then fill in the required fields until the e-mail has been created. Alternatively, you can proceed from the device settings as seen with Gmail. For more information, read my guide dedicated to how to create Libero emails.

To manage your Libero mail you can connect to the site to access your mailbox or you can configure Libero mail in a client. On mobile, however, you can use the official app. For more information, read my guides on how to set up Free email on Android and iPhone.

Create Yahoo email

Create Yahoo email

If the services listed so far are not for you or you have a special need to create Yahoo e-mail , then you are in the right paragraph. To get started, connect to the Yahoo Mail page, then click Create an account . On the next page you are asked for the first data required to register for the service, starting with your full name and the username you wish to have in your email address. You can choose the extension: if you don’t like @yahoo.com , click on it and choose myyahoo.com . Enter the Password , then also the Year of birth and click on Continue. Fill out all the required fields until Yahoo notifies you that the email has been created.

You can also choose to create your email from the Yahoo Mail app (Android/iOS/iPadOS) or from the device settings as seen with Gmail. Proceed with the installation and open the app, tap Register (you can find it below) and fill in the fields as I explained in the procedure on how to create e-mail from a PC .

All you have to do is start using your mailbox: to access from a PC, connect to the Yahoo! Mail and enter your credentials to log in. On mobile devices instead rely on the official app. In any case, if you want, you can also configure a third-party client .

Find more help in my tutorial on how to create Yahoo emails.

How to create certified email

Create certified email

You need to send a PEC email and now you’re wondering how to create certified email , not knowing where to start? Don’t lose heart, I will guide you.

The first thing you need to know is that certified email is typically a paid service: most of the services cost between 5 and 10 euros per year ; an exception is Namirial’s SpidMail which offers a free inbox and only charges for sending. You can find all the details in the tutorial that I just linked to you.

For the rest, the PEC allows you to send and receive messages with legal value equivalent to that of registered A/R without having to use particular devices or programs: the certification process all works “behind the scenes” and the user can use the mailbox from webmail, client or mobile app. For registration it is often necessary to provide information about your identity and it is important to contact only certified providers.

Aruba is one of the best-known certified providers , so as an example, I’ll quickly explain how to create Aruba certified e-mail : Visit the Aruba page dedicated to PEC and read the various offers offered; as soon as you have identified the plan that most convinces you, press Buy and confirm your choice in the summary by clicking on Continue and complete the order .

You must have an Aruba account to proceed: if so, enter your credentials to log in. Alternatively, choose Register and fill out the form, then press Continue and complete your order . At this point you have to choose the name of the PEC mailbox , choose a domain and a password , and press Continue .

In the following screens, the site will ask you to enter your other personal data and to choose a payment method between bank transfer, credit card, PayPal and money order. Automatic renewal is also provided for by credit card and PayPal. I have dedicated a complete and detailed tutorial to how to activate PEC Aruba.

If you prefer to evaluate another service, I invite you to read my insights on how to create the PEC email and how the PEC works.

How to create education.it email

Create education.it email

To end this guide on how to create e-mail, I also want to dedicate space to institutional e-mails. Speaking of how to create the education.it e-mail, you should know that it is a domain reserved for administrative staff , school staff (ATA and teachers, with the exception of those with a short and occasional substitute job) and educational institutions . The latter obtain it automatically, while the staff must request it.

Administrative staff must request the institutional mailbox from the IT contact person of the Office to which they belong: Management , Department , Territorial area or Direct Collaboration Offices . Subsequently, the Contact Person will communicate the credentials to access the service.

School personnel can request an e-mail box. The following are required: have an active Institutional Portal access User , authorization for the OnLine Inquiry Service , a personal e-mail address , have a valid identity document , provide the tax code . Then you need to access the Instanze OnLine service with your credentials, click on Other Services and select E-mail — School personal mailbox request . More info here.