How to create gmail address on Pc Android {Update 2023}

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Some colleagues have advised you to activate an e-mail address on Gmail as it can be used comfortably from the browser, without having to deal with complicated configurations and does not have stringent limits for attachments. Well, they gave you great advice.

Gmail is one of the most complete and advanced e-mail services in the world, and despite this, in its basic version for private users it is completely free (Google’s profit derives, in this case, from advertising banners and user data collected for their display). Furthermore, a Gmail account allows you to access all Google services, from Google Drive with its 15 GB of free online storage (for saving data, including email attachments) to Google Docs, via YouTube and many others.

If you want to know more, take a couple of minutes of free time and find out how to create a Gmail address using the instructions below. Once you have created your account, you can use it not only on your computer, but also on smartphones and tablets using both the official app and numerous third-party apps. But let’s try to go in order.

How to create gmail account on pc

create gmail account from pc

If you want to know how to create a Gmail account on PC , all you have to do is access your trusted browser and connect to the main page of the service. Subsequently, click on Create an account and you will thus access the page with the forms to be filled in to obtain an account.

Then enter your first name , last name and a password . In the Username field you can type the e-mail address you wish to obtain at the end of the registration: remember that in the end your e-mail will correspond to the username with the final @gmail.com added . When you’re done, click Next .

On the new page, Google welcomes you by asking you to optionally enter your mobile phone number in the form to be filled in . For security issues related to the possible recovery of the new Gmail account you are creating, you are asked to enter an e-mail address already in your possession and in use to refer to if you have problems accessing your Gmail account . Enter your date of birth and gender, then click Next .

Select the preference you deem most appropriate between Quick customization and Manual customization and click on Next : in the first case, quick customization will involve carrying out a single step which consists in reading all the settings that you will apply automatically and clicking on Confirm below . Manual customization, on the other hand, consists of five steps where you will be asked to choose between various options (such as whether or not to save web activity or history and so on) and at the end of which you will always have to click on Next .

Press the Confirm button as soon as you have completed the customization. Make sure you read the privacy policy by scrolling down and finally click Accept again . Done! You will now have direct access to your brand new Gmail account where you can start composing and sending or receiving emails.

Itching to start using Gmail? Then you will surely find this guide on how Gmail works interesting to start learning the basics of this service, which you will find to be really useful.

How to create a gmail account on mobile

The good news I want to give you is that Gmail can also be used on mobile devices, this means that you can use it directly from your Android smartphone or tablet (where in most cases, it is installed “standard”) and from iPhone/iPad , where you can download the official app at no cost or configure the use of your Gmail account in the default Mail client. I therefore invite you to hold your device, make sure it is connected to the Internet and follow the next steps to find out how to create a Gmail account on your mobile phone .

How to create a Gmail account on Android

Create gmail account from android

As I anticipated, in these short lines you will find your answer to how to create a Gmail account on Android . You should know that many devices, upon purchase, already have the “basic” Gmail app; however, if this is not your case, know that you can download the Gmail app directly from the Play Store. If, on the other hand, you have a device without the Play Store, you must first install the latter and then you can download Gmail: for all the details, I invite you to read my tutorial on how to install the Play Store on Huawei.

So, without wasting any more time, proceed to start the Gmail app . In reality you can also avoid doing it and go to the Settings> Account> Add account> Google menu of your device; it’s up to you to choose.

At this point, press the button to create an account and then select the For me item from the menu . In this first phase, to fill out the form proposed upon creation, you will need to enter your name and surname and tap Next . Then enter your date of birth and gender by always pressing the Next button at the end of this step.

At this point you will be offered some alternative username@gmail.com : if you don’t like them you can select Create your Gmail address and enter the username you prefer and which will obviously be followed by @gmail.com . Finally, tap Next . Once you get there, set a password that has a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols. The app will then prompt you to add your mobile phone number: you can skip the procedure by pressing Skip at the bottom or, if you want to enter it, press Yes, I accept .

At the end of these operations, you will be prompted to check your account information and touch the Next button . Now choose whether you intend to carry out a quick customization which consists of a single step at the end of which, after reading the basic settings you are about to apply, tap on Confirm or a manual customization which consists of five steps where you manually select the preferences and tap Next until you reach the next step. In both cases, in conclusion, you will have to press the Confirm button .

The last step to take is to read the privacy policy , scroll down and press the Accept key . You will therefore have completed all the steps to get a Gmail account via an Android device and you will be free to use it whenever you want by simply starting the app!

For more info on how to configure Gmail on Android, read my dedicated guide.

How to create a Gmail account on iPhone

Create gmail account on iPhone

Now let’s see how to create a Gmail account on iPhone and iPad .

If you want to use the official Gmail app , which compared to the default Mail gives you access to real-time push notifications for messages received, download it from the App Store according to the usual procedure. Once open, touch the Access key and select the Google item from the list that will be suggested to you .

From the new screen, select Create an account and choose the For me item from the drop-down menu . Then enter your name and surname in the form to be filled in by tapping Next and then the date of birth and gender by pressing Next again . Choose from the alternative username@gmail.com that are suggested to you or, if you don’t like them, tap on Create your Gmail address and write manually what kind of username you want to have, automatically followed by @gmail.com . Press the Next button .

In the next section you will have to choose and then type in a secure password made up of a combination of letters and numbers, then press Next again . You can choose whether to associate your mobile number with your future Gmail account by tapping Yes, I accept or avoid by pressing Skip . Check that the settings are correct and tap Next .

The app will then ask you to choose whether to opt for a quick customization which consists of a single step at the end of which you tap Confirm or for a manual customization consisting of five steps where you manually select your preferences, tapping each time on Next , up to the last step and press the Confirm button .

Finally, make sure you read the privacy policy carefully and provide your consent by scrolling down and pressing the Accept button . If you have followed all the steps that I have listed up to here, you have managed to create your new Gmail account on your iOS / iPadOS device without problems.

If, on the other hand, you want to create a Gmail account without installing external apps and use it in the default Mail client, go to the Settings> Mail> Account> Add account> Google menu and choose the item to create a new account . The rest of the procedure is identical to what we saw earlier.

If you want to learn more, I can invite you to read my tutorial on how to configure Gmail on iPhone.

How to create Gmail accounts for school

computer with gmail

If you are a student, your teachers have probably suggested that you understand how to create Gmail accounts for Classroom since you intend to carry out part of the lessons with the help of the features of this tool. In fact, you should know that Classroom has now become a really useful tool for creating and sharing educational material thanks to its extremely simple way of using that allows teachers and students to collaborate even remotely.

Before proceeding though, you need to know how to create Gmail accounts for school . Well, in this case the procedure is exactly the one explained in the previous paragraphs to create a new Gmail account. In some cases, however, it could be the educational institutions themselves that directly provide you with an account to configure on your devices , so I’ll explain the procedure for adding a new account.

Basically, once landed on Gmail all you have to do is press on your profile picture , top right, and select Add another account from the menu . Then enter the address that was provided to you in the indicated field and click on Next . Then enter the password that was provided to you and click Next again to access your Gmail account.

You are now ready to use Classroom. You can directly access Classroom from its main page, selecting your country and language and clicking Go . Following this, click on Access Classroom and, if you have already logged in to Gmail as I indicated above, select the account and click Continue . Now you can use Classroom for your studies and, of course, don’t forget to read my tutorial on how to use Google Classroom so you don’t get caught unprepared and find out how to use this tool even from smartphones and tablets.

If you are worried about how to create Gmail accounts for minors , I want to let you know that the minimum age to get a Gmail account in Italy is 14 years old , so you can follow the steps I have listed above to create an account. For those who do not meet this requirement, there is an opportunity to use Family Link as a parent to monitor the activity of the child under 14. For more information, I refer you to my guide on how Family Link works.

How to create Gmail account for another person

phone with gmail

You have discovered all the features that Gmail makes available to its users and therefore you have found yourself recommending it to a friend of yours who, on the other hand, has asked you to kindly create an account for him. As a result you wondered how to create a Gmail account for another person and if it was possible to do it: the answer is yes, you can create a Gmail account for another person on any device you want.

You will now find yourself creating another Gmail account outside of yours: the procedure, fear not, is extremely simple. First, to avoid adding the new account to your personal Gmail accounts, I suggest you turn on incognito browsing.

At this point, follow the instructions that I have listed in the previous paragraphs. Once the process is complete, your friend will be ready to use the Gmail account you created for him without any problems and, of course, taking care to change his password. You, on the other hand, can log out before your friend logs in.

If you have problems changing your password, I suggest you read my guide on how to change your Gmail password, while if you don’t know how to log out of the Gmail account you just created for your friend, you can read my tutorial on how to log out of Gmail .

How to create business Gmail account

business man pc

By now e-mails have become an indispensable work tool and it is therefore natural that the use of e-mails is required in order to optimize one’s work and keep in constant contact with one’s boss and colleagues: this is why this paragraph will focus on how create a corporate Gmail account .

For a matter of practicality, it is possible that at a company level one chooses to rely on Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), a suite of services and tools useful for simplifying work processes through management and similar applications. Some software such as Google Calendar , Google Drive , Google Docs , Google Meet and of course Gmail are part of this suite . In fact, with Google Workspace, you can get a personalized and secure corporate email, as well as a set of many other exclusive features.

Google Workspace is, however, a paid suite that includes several plans: the Business Starter plan for 5.20 euros per month ; the Business Standard plan at 10.40 euros per month ; the Business Plus plan at 15.60 euros per month and, finally, the Enterprise plan whose price varies according to the services you want to use, so you need to contact the sales team to establish it with certainty.

To use Google Workspace and perhaps carry out a free trial, you can go to its main page and click on Start the free trial, then fill in the registration form by entering your company data. To find out more, however, I refer you to my tutorials on how to create a Google Workspace account and how to access Google Workspace.