How to create Gmail emails

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After yet another problem with receiving attachments, did a colleague of yours suggest you change your email provider and switch to Gmail ? Well, I’d say that’s sound advice. Gmail is Google’s email service, it’s free and offers enough online space to store and send “heavy” attachments without the slightest problem. It is accessible from all platforms and devices, allows you to import messages from other email addresses and gives you access to various extra services, such as the Google Drive productivity suite, which can come in really handy.

You ask how long it takes to create Gmail emails ? Very little. If you follow the instructions I am about to give you, you will be able to access your new e-mail box within two, at most three, minutes. How do you say? You are not very practical in terms of information technology and new technologies and are you afraid that the operations to be carried out to succeed “in the enterprise” may be too complicated for you? Well, you’re wrong… and by a lot! In fact, creating Gmail emails is not only a very fast operation but, I’ll tell you more, also extremely simple, whether you prefer to act from a computer (therefore from a Web browser) or from a smartphone and tablet.

At that time? How would you like to stop talking and take action now? Yes? Perfect! I would therefore say not to waste any more precious time and to start immediately to get busy. You’ll see, in the end you will be able to say that you are more than satisfied with both the service offered and the fact that you managed to create Gmail emails all by yourself… or almost! Let it bet?

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Preliminary information

Info email Gmail

Before starting to find out how to create an email with Gmail it is useful to know a little more about the aforementioned email service. As mentioned above, it is a free service, accessible via the web or application from any device. The storage space it offers, divided between Gmail, Google Drive (the “big G” cloud storage service) and Google Photos (the storage space for photos and videos), is 15 GB, more than enough to carry out normal work duties or private life.

Furthermore, creating an email with Gmail in turn involves the creation of a Google account which allows you to use all the services made available by the Google suite for free. Simply put, by creating an email, you can also use the aforementioned Google Drive and Google Photos, but also Calendar, Google Maps, Meet, Google Translate and many other services. With a single account, accessible via Gmail email data, you can easily move from one service to another in a simple and fast way as everything is connected and synchronized. The same account can also be used to synchronize data from Android devices.

As for the account creation requirements, all you need to do is just be up to date with the age requirements . In the specific case of Gmail Italy , given that the requirements differ for services and countries, you must be at least 14 years old to have a Google account and, consequently, a Gmail email address. If underage, the parent or guardian is legally responsible for use of the account, as specified in the company’s Terms of Service. In addition, some specific services have higher age limits (such as, for example, certain YouTube content).

In the event that the available storage space is not sufficient, Google offers the possibility to expand it by choosing one of the subscriptions available on Google One . Therefore, among the paid ones, there is the possibility to choose between the Basic plan which makes 100 MB available for 1.99 euros per month or 19.99 euros per year in a single solution, the Standard plan which offers 200 MB for 2.99 euros per month or 29.99 euros per year and finally the Premium plan with a storage capacity of 2 TB for 9.99 euros per monthor 99.99 euros per year , always in a single solution. All paid plans, in addition to increasing the space available, also offer exclusive benefits such as expert assistance , the addition of the family group and the VPN for Android phones (the latter in the case of the Premium subscription).

How to create Gmail emails

Create Gmail emails

Now that you have all the information you need about the Gmail service, it’s time to take action. In the next paragraphs I will show you how to create a Gmail account on PC, Android devices and iPhone / iPad step by step, in the fastest way possible.

How to Create Gmail Emails on PC

Gmail da PC

Let’s start this guide by finding out how to create Gmail emails from a computer. To succeed in your intent, the first step you need to take is to connect to the official Gmail page and click on the blue button Create an account (you can find it both on the left and at the top right), so that you can access the service registration form.

Then type your name and surname in the appropriate text fields, indicate in the username field the email address you want to activate on Gmail (the final result will be [your chosen name]@gmail.com ) and continue by entering your password you want to use to access your mailbox in the Password and Confirm password areas of the form (make sure you set a secure password), then click on the Next button and enter your date of birth and your gender in the respective menus.

For security reasons, you can also add a secondary email address and a mobile phone number (to be used in case of loss of access data), but these are not data that you must provide. Now click on the Next button , which is located at the bottom and, in the new screen that has opened, choose the customization setting you prefer by placing the check mark in the appropriate box, then click on the Next button .

Now, you just have to confirm the security settings and cookies by scrolling down the new screen that has opened and pressing the Confirm key . You can also follow the same procedure on the next screen, relating to privacy and terms. If you want advice, before accepting Google’s terms of service, carefully read all the text of the various screens to find out what to expect from the service and know how your data will be treated by Google.

Now you can finally be satisfied! In fact, with this last step you managed to complete the whole procedure to create Gmail emails, my accomplishments! There is therefore nothing left to do but visit the home page of the service and start using it immediately: you will find messages, contacts and attachments perfectly synchronized from any location.

For the rest, I assure you that the service is really very intuitive. In fact, to use it, simply select one of the sections listed in the left sidebar ( Inbox with messages that have arrived in your mailbox, Starred where emails marked with a star are automatically collected, Drafts where messages written but not yet sent and so on). To start composing a new email, however, just click on the Write button .

Also note the organization of incoming mail into tabs which automatically divides generic mail ( Main ) from communications from social networking services such as Facebook and Twitter ( Social tab ) and from advertising newsletters ( Promotions tab ). By clicking on the + button (plus symbol) located at the top right, you can add tabs to automatically group account statements and invoices ( Updates ) and messages from forums to which you are registered.

If, on the other hand, you want to configure the use of Gmail in a traditional mail client, such as Outlook , Mozilla Thunderbird or Apple Mail , you must follow the instructions I have provided you in my guide on how to set up Gmail.

Would you like to create more than one Gmail address so you can use one for personal and one for work? Then connect to Google, click on your photo (or on the image of the little man ) located at the top right and then on the Add account button in the box that opens. Select the Create account item , fill out the registration form as seen above and you can quickly switch from one email address to another by clicking on your photo at the top right of the Gmail main screen. For more info, see my tutorial on how to create another Gmail account.

How to Create Gmail Emails on Android

Gmail Android

As I told you, it is possible to create Gmail emails even from smartphones and tablets. How you do it? I’ll tell you right now! On Android, just access the Settings menu , press the Account item and then the Add account button . Now you need to select the Google logo from the screen that opens and then press the New button .

Now, in the screen that has opened, tap on the item Create an account and from the menu that opens select the item For me , if it is a personal account, or To manage my business (although, in this case, it will not be created a professional account which I will explain to you in a dedicated paragraph later).

Once this is done, you will be sent back to a new screen in which you will have to press the Create an account item and proceed by entering your Name , Surname , Date of birth and Gender . At this point you can select one of the email addresses that are proposed to you or create a new one by ticking the Create your Gmail address item and typing it in the space provided. Whatever your choice, confirm it by tapping the Next button . Now create a secure password , press the Next button and confirm that you are not a robot by entering your phone number and entering thesingle-use code (received a few moments after entering and confirming the telephone number) on the appropriate screen.

Now you can choose whether to enter your phone number in the Google Account by scrolling down the screen and pressing the Yes, I accept button or whether to skip the step and therefore not enter the number, by tapping on the Skip item . The last necessary steps consist in checking that the account information is correct and pressing the Next button , selecting the personalization settings by placing the check mark in the desired box (1 step or 5 steps) and accepting the use of cookies, the privacy and terms by pressing the Accept button .

At this point you can finally be satisfied. By carrying out the above steps, you should in fact have managed to complete the whole procedure by which to create Gmail emails from your Android smartphone or tablet, congratulations!

How to Create Gmail Emails on iPhone

email Gmail iPhone

Do you use an iPhone (or an iPad )? Then, also in this case, the procedure is very similar to that seen for Android. In fact, it is not necessary to download any app and you can act directly using the device settings.

All you have to do, then, is unlock your device and tap the Settings icon . At this point, press on the Mail item and, in the new screen that opens, tap on the Account item and then on the Add account item . Now, press the Google item and the Continue button , to allow Settings to log in and share information.

At this point you just have to follow the procedure that I indicated in the previous paragraph and fill in all the required fields: name, surname, username, password, secondary email address or mobile phone for data recovery, etc.

Now that you’ve seen how to create a Gmail mailbox, all you have to do is press the Save button in the settings screen that opened after closing the Gmail Internet window. Well, the new account is created and saved on the iPhone.

How to create gmail email without phone number

Gmail without phone

It often happens that, although it is not mandatory to enter your telephone number , it is required to receive the single-use code to be entered in the appropriate form for security reasons. Google, in fact, if it suspects illicit use of one of its accounts, obliges the user to confirm their identity using the telephone number. Providing a lot of personal information, however, can be unpleasant and unwanted. So how do you prevent Google from requesting this additional step?

There are several tricks that can be followed to ensure that Google does not become “suspicious” and decide to skip this annoying step (however lawful, of course, and compliant with privacy regulations).

The first thing you can do, therefore, is to act as a computer : in this way the chances that your phone number will be requested are less, as are the data that Google can access. Other precautions that you can follow consist in acting using the incognito mode / the private window and checking that the IP is not considered suspicious and is consistent with the nationality of the Google site .

Especially the IP address has a huge influence on whether or not Google will require additional information to confirm the eligibility of the account. An address that has previously been used for illegal use is much more likely to be scrutinized more thoroughly. In any case, to learn more, I leave you with my specific guide on how to create a Google account without a phone number.

How to create Gmail business email

Gmail business account

Want to create another Gmail email account that you can use for business instead of personal? No problem, you can do this too. What you need to know is that the purpose of Google accounts is generally private and they lend themselves better to this feature.

The best choice, in this case, is to rely on Google Workspace : a paid service from Google that provides a professional Gmail account using the company’s domain name (for the owner and also for all employees), 24-hour telephone assistance out of 24 in case problems are encountered, increased storage space compared to the personal account, advanced security and the ability to share documents and much more. It is, in a nutshell, a service capable of managing all aspects of one’s work.

The price of the service varies according to the package you decide to use. At the time of writing, the choices are divided between the Business Starter plan at 4.68 euros per month , Business Standard at 9.36 euros per month , Business Plus at 16.60 euros per month and Enterprise with an unspecified but consultable price by contacting the Google Sales Department at 800-930-838 or by filling out the appropriate contact form.

For all services, except for Google Workspace Enterprise, you can activate a free 14-day trial . Each plan offers, as the monthly price goes up, additional services such as more storage space and the possibility of video meetings with more and more participants. For more information, you can consult the official Google Workspace product page.

To activate the free trial, all you have to do is connect to the official page of the service, click on the Start the free trial button and, on the new page that has opened, tick the box relating to the number of employees , then select the country from the menu and press the Next button .

At this point enter the contact details such as name , surname and current email address and click on the Next button . Now you can select, by clicking on the appropriate buttons, if you want to use your company’s domain name or create one if you don’t have one, following the procedure made available by Google.

Once you have chosen the domain name to use, all you have to do is choose whether to receive updates and keep users informed of news by pressing the OK or NO, THANKS buttons and proceed to create the company Gmail account: choose the username (which will be [user name]@[domain name].it ) and password , then select the box next to the wording I’m not a robot. Once done, press the Accept and Continue button .

Now all you have to do is confirm the plan you are subscribing to and the free trial will be activated. Once it has expired, you can decide whether to continue using the service if it has met your expectations or whether to cancel the monthly subscription. Easier than you imagined, right?