How to export contacts from gmail

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You have decided to abandon the e-mail service Gmail because you don’t find it suitable for your needs, but you haven’t decided yet to create a new e-mail address. Although Google’s Webmail service is tight for you, you’re continuing to use it: you don’t intend to lose all your precious contacts and you’re looking for a way to avoid transferring them one by one from one email to another. Are you thinking of opening a secondary email address and would you like to transfer all the contacts in your Google address book to it? I guess this is why you searched the internet for information about how to export contacts from gmail.

Well, if you find yourself in one of the situations listed or in a similar situation, know that what you are thinking about is absolutely possible and that it is not at all as difficult as you think; just take advantage of the appropriate contact transfer function and you’re done. This is a procedure that shouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes, I assure you.

How do you say? The topic is of interest to you but you are not particularly expert with technology and even less with the use of computers? And where is the problem? I’m here and I can help you. If you want to know in detail how to export contacts from gmail, all you have to do is take a few minutes of free time. You will find all the step-by-step instructions to carry out this procedure in this guide of mine that I am about to offer you: you will just have to make sure you follow them carefully and put them into practice. By doing so, you will be able to transfer your entire address book from Gmail to any other email service or client with minimal effort. I wish you a good reading.

How to Export Contacts from Gmail (Web)

If you want to know how to export contacts from gmailconnect to the Google contact page and, if necessary, log in to your account.

At this point, if you want to export specific contacts, select them by ticking the box that appears in their correspondence when you hover over them with the mouse pointer. Then click on the ⋮ button located at the top right and select the item Export from the menu that opens. Choose, therefore, whether to export the selected contacts as a file CSVGoogle, Outlook CSV or vCard (for iOS contacts) and press the button Export to get the files with contacts.

If you want to export all the contacts in the address book or a specific group of contacts, instead, you have to click on the item Moreover which is located in the left sidebar of the Gmail contact management panel, then you have to select the item Export that appears below and, in the box that is shown on the screen, you must put a check mark next to the item Contacts (total number of contacts). To select a specific group of contacts and not all contacts in the address book, select the name of the group you want to export from the menu that appears after checking Contacts (total number of contacts).

Finally, choose whether to export contacts as a file CSVGoogle, Outlook CSV or vCard (for iOS contacts) and click the button Export to start the export of the address book. As you have seen, the procedure that requires you to act from the web version of Gmail is very simple to perform.

How to export contacts from Gmail (Android)

The procedure that allows you to export contacts from Gmail using Android mobile devices is completely different as it will be necessary to have the Contacts application developed by Google.

On mobile devices android, in fact Gmail contacts are automatically synchronized with the Google account that is used to access the device; consequently through the use of this application you will be able to use the list of all contacts and carry out the export.

Therefore, to carry out the operation of exporting Gmail contacts via your Android smartphone, you will therefore need to make sure you have the aforementioned application. If not, you will need to download and install it on your device. To carry out this operation, go to the Android Play Store (the colored ▶︎ symbol located on the home screen) and, using the internal search engine, download and install the application Contacts by tapping the button Install and then on the button I accept.

At the end of the installation, tap on the button You open that will have appeared in the Android Play Store to start the application, or tap on the application icon which will have been added to the home screen of your device. Once the application has started, allow it to access and manage your contacts by pressing the button Allow for two consecutive.

Then, if prompted, log in by indicating the data of the Google account you have and for which you want the application to synchronize and import all your Gmail contacts. All contacts synced through the Contacts application will be visible on the home screen and you can easily export them using this Google application.

To perform the export operation, first tap the button with the three dots symbol that you can see in the upper right corner. After that, from the drop-down menu you see on the screen, tap on the item Select all to select all contacts in your Gmail account that have been synchronized with this Google application.

Then you have to tap the button with the sharing symbol and press the button Allow, in order to authorize the application to manage contacts. Once this operation has been performed, you will be able to view the different contact sharing options so that they can be exported and/or shared using other applications or external services.

If you wish, you can also export some selected contacts, again using the Contacts application developed by Google which is present on Android mobile devices. In this case, after logging in with your Google account in the Contacts application, you will have to press the button again three dots symbol. However, you will have to press on the wording Select in order to manually select, by placing a check mark, the contacts you want to export.

Once the contact selection operation has been carried out, press the button with the sharing symbol and, via the menu Share withchoose the option that best reflects your needs regarding the export and/or sharing of the selected contacts.

How to export contacts from Gmail (iOS)

Operating from iOS mobile devices, it is not possible for you to carry out the procedures indicated in the previous lines relating to the export of your Gmail contacts. At the time of writing, in fact, the application is not present on iOS mobile devices Contacts developed by Google.

However, you can synchronize Gmail contacts on iPhone (or iPad) and then use a third-party application to export them in the form of VCF or CSV files: I’ll explain how to do it below. Let’s start with activating the Gmail address book on iOS.

From your device’s home screen, tap the app Settings (the symbol of a gear). Then scroll until you find the item Accounts and Passwords and tap on it. After that, in correspondence with the wording Accountspress the button Add Accounts and then tap on the item Google to add your Google account and consequently import all your contacts into your iOS smartphone.

Once the Google account has been added, it will appear among the menu items of the section Accounts. Then tap on it and make sure that the lever corresponds to the item Contacts is active. If not, move it from OFF to ON to activate it and make it turn green.

At this point, once you have done this operation, you will open the application Contacts of your iOS device you will find all your Gmail contacts perfectly synchronized. From here, you can export them as a CSV or VCF file using an application like My Contacts Backup, which I detailed in my tutorial on how to save your iPhone address book.