How to find an email address in gmail {Easy Way 2023}

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You urgently need to send an email to a person, however, you have inattentively lost his email address and, since he is not an acquaintance of yours, now you don’t know what to do to find his contact. If this is the situation you find yourself in, you don’t need to panic, because I’m here and I’ll explain to you shortly how to find an email address .

I would like to clarify that all the procedures that I will illustrate to you in the following lines are absolutely legal and in harmony with privacy laws. Some are based on the search for emails through online portals or through social networks, while others are based on the logic of combinations with the aim of trying to guess an email address. Obviously, in any case it will take a bit of luck to be able to find the email address in question. Either way, it’s definitely worth a shot.

Besides being of interest to you, does this also intrigue you a lot? Well, then know that you’ve just landed on the right tutorial at the right time. Take a few minutes of free time and follow the suggestions and instructions that I will give you in this guide of mine. Are you ready to get started? Very good! I wish you a good read and also good luck!

How to find an email address in gmail {Easy Way 2023}

How to verify PEC

The first method I want to show you to help you find an email address is based on using combination logic to try to guess a person’s email address.

There are basically three steps to follow: first, try to guess the email address and I’ll give you all the tips on how to do it shortly. Then verify that this email exists and we will discuss this in detail in the last paragraph and finally try to write to that email address .

Sure, seen like this it might seem like a titanic undertaking, but I assure you that this procedure can lead to good results in some cases. In addition to all this, here and there I will also give you more tips on how you can find an email address. In the meantime, I wish you good luck and a good continuation.

How to find an email address in gmail


If you think that the person you are looking for may have a Gmail email, then you will find the combinations below useful for tracking down their email address.


However, keep in mind that, when registering an email address, it is also possible to choose to use a nickname , and not necessarily your first and/or last name. Just to give a few examples: nickname@gmail.com or nicknameannodinascita@gmail.com .

If you also use Gmail, then I also have other tips to give you , but they are only valid if you have already had contact with this person in the past. Now I’ll explain everything in detail below.

On Gmail, you can search for all the contacts from whom you have received emails and to whom you have sent them directly or even as a carbon copy and this operation can be done both from a PC and from a smartphone/tablet using the dedicated app. Obviously, you must remember at least the first or last name of the person you are looking for and hope that these are present in their email.

To search for emails that you have sent in the past via PC, after going to the main Gmail page, you can go to the search bar at the top where you find Search Mail and write to:nomedestinatarioand Gmail will show you all the emails you have sent to that certain contact. Generally, it will be sufficient to write only the initials of the first or last name and then Gmail will do the rest.

Instead, to search for received emails, the game is very similar: in fact, just write from:nomemittenteand all the emails received from that contact will appear. It is also possible to search among people who have been in carbon copy, by writing cc:nomedestinatario.

To be fair, you may not even prepend the words to , from and cc when searching for mail, but by putting them, sometimes Gmail may be able to find the contact faster even if you enter fewer characters. This can also be very useful if the email you are looking for contains only part of the person’s name.

app gmail

As I mentioned earlier, this search can also be done via the app. The procedure is slightly different but equally simple. Now I’ll explain everything below.

After starting the application, to search for contacts you’ve written to in the past, press the top where you find Search Mail and then, just below, you’ll see some options such as Labels , From , To and many more. In this case, press A and start writing the initials of the name or surname of the person you are looking for and, if you’re lucky, Gmail will show you all the emails you’ve sent to this contact.

The same procedure can be done to view the emails received from that specific contact, the only difference is that you will have to press From and then write the initials of the name or surname of the person concerned. It worked? No? Don’t give up, I still have one last piece of advice to give you.


The last piece of advice I have to give you regarding Gmail, is called Clearbit Connect . It’s an extension for Chrome (and Chromium-derived browsers) that allows you to search the emails of many people associated with certain companies. You can install Clearbit Connect for free from the Chrome Web Store.

I remind you that it is always better to pay attention before adding unofficial extensions to a browser , especially for privacy reasons, this is because extensions often require different authorizations and permissions and your data could consequently be used for illicit purposes. With that said, let’s move on.

After adding the extension to Chrome, just open Gmail and go to Compose at the top left to start writing a new email. You will immediately notice that a new icon has now appeared next to the Send button , which is precisely that of Clearbit Connect.

By clicking on the Clearbit icon, a screen will appear on the right, asking you to search. You can try to write the name of the company or site the person you are looking for belongs to in the Enter a company domain field , then click on the name of the company or site and, again if you’re lucky, here’s that the email address you were looking for will appear right there in front of your eyes.

How to find an email address in Outlook


If you think that the email address you are trying to trace was created through Microsoft’s Webmail service i.e. Outlook , then things could get complicated. At present, in fact, the email addresses that can be created have the extension hotmail.com , outlook.it , outlook.com and, in the past, it was also possible to register an address with the extension hotmail . it or live.it .

Also, to create an email address in the Microsoft email service, you can also use characters such as (  ) or ( _ ); you can therefore understand that, in this specific case, it is more difficult to guess an email address using combination logic. Just to give a few examples, the following cases could arise.

Hotmail.com o Hotmail.it

nomecognome@hotmail.com (o .it)
cognomenome@hotmail.com (o .it)
_cognome_nome@hotmail.com (o .it)_
_nome_cognome@hotmail.com (o .it)_
nome@hotmail.com (o .it)
cognome@hotmail.com (o .it)
cognome-nome@hotmail.c0m (o .it)
nome-cognome@hotmail.com (o .it)

Outlook.it o Outlook.com

namename@outlook.it (o .com)
namename@outlook.it (o .com)_name_name_name@_it (o .com)_name_name_@outlook.com )_name@_outlook.it (o .com)_name_name_@outlook. it (the .com)_name-name_@outlook.it (the .com)_name-name_@outlook.it (the .com)



When trying to form the possible combinations, do not forget that it is possible to register an e-mail address also using one’s year or date of birth or a nickname . For example: firstnamesurnameyearofbirth@outlook.com (or @outlook.it, @outlook.com, @hotmail.com, @hotmail.it @live.it)

I fully understand that the possibilities are so many that it might seem like an impossible feat. In any case, if you also use Outlook , you can always use the “trick” I told you about in the paragraph dedicated to Gmail, or try to search for contacts with whom you have dealt with in the past and this can be done from both PC and mobile devices.

The Outlook client saves all the contacts from which we have received or sent emails, therefore, if you use Outlook from a PC, you could try going to the item Search in Mail and People at the top left and try typing the initials of the first or last name of the person you are looking for. If you’re a little lucky, you might just fix the situation this simple way.

From the app, things are very similar: after opening the application, just press the magnifying glass at the top right and start writing the name of the person in question in the Mail, events, contacts, file field .

How to find an email address of other providers

libero mail

Gmail and Outlook are just two of the most popular Webmail services; I therefore advise you to make some attempts to guess the email address, using the extensions of other popular services such as @yahoo.com , @libero.it or @icloud.com . The emails provided by Telecom should not be underestimated either, which can have the extension @alice.it , @tim.it or @tin.it .

Then try using combinations such as for example.

firstnamesurname@extensiondelservizio.it (or .com)
lastnamename@extensiondelservice.it (or .com)
lastname@extensiondelservice.it (or .com)
firstname@extensionofservice.it (or .com)
lastnameyeardinascita@extensiondelservice.it (or .com)

If the combination logic isn’t really feasible in your case, nothing is lost yet. Continue reading this tutorial of mine, because shortly I will tell you about other solutions that you can adopt.

Services to find a person’s email address

If you’ve come this far, it’s because you’ve realized that finding a person’s email address using combination logic alone isn’t that easy at all. For this reason, it may be useful for you to contact services to find a person’s email address . So let’s go straight to seeing how to find a person’s email address .



One of the best services on the market is Hunter.io , which allows you to search for people and email addresses in a rather simple way: you indicate the name of the person you want to search for and a company or site that has to do with it and start research. The free version of Hunter.io allows you to search only 3 email addresses per month (for unregistered users) and up to 25 (for registered users). To break down these limits, you need to subscribe to one of the subscription plans among those available, starting from 49 euros/month.

To start using Hunter.io, connect to this page of the site and click on Product at the top . In the drop-down menu that has appeared, the first two options, namely Domain Search and Email Finder, may be useful .

If you want to look up a person’s address, but can only remember the company they work for, then you could use the Domain Search feature . In this way, you just need to enter the company name in the company.com field and then the site will give you all the results associated with your search. Very simple, right?

If, on the other hand, you know the name, surname and company of the person in question, then you can use the Email Finder section . In this case, it will be sufficient to enter the name and surname of the person in the field where you find John Doe written and the company he belongs to in the company.com field , and the person you were looking for will come out directly.

Of course, there are also other services to find a person’s email address , such as Snov.io or Respona.com, which work in a very similar way to the site I told you about in the previous lines.

How to find an email address on facebook


Another service you could use to look up a person’s email address is Facebook , as some people share their email publicly on their profile.

To find an email address on Facebook, simply search for that person on the social network, visit their profile and click on Information : under the heading Details , you may find the coveted email address. Of course, this method only works if the person has made their email address public on Facebook . The procedure is valid both from the app and from the site.

If the email address is not present on the Facebook page, the most effective solution could also be the simplest and most obvious: you could in fact send a message directly to this person, in which you ask them for their email address.

You can do this through the Send message feature that you find in the rectangle as soon as you enter the main page of the Facebook profile of the person in question. It is possible to do this both from the app and from the site.

How to find a PEC email address


If you are looking for a PEC email address, then the question is very different, because there are portals dedicated to finding these emails. So let’s go and see together how to find a PEC email address .

We need to make just one small premise: if you are looking for the PEC of a private citizen , I tell you right away that it could be quite complicated and consequently you should try to follow the suggestions I gave you in the previous lines of this same article. If, on the other hand, you are looking for the PEC of a professional, a company or a public administration body, then continue reading below.

To search for the PEC of a professional or a company, you can use the INI PEC website. Its operation is really simple, as you just need to go to the main page of the site, click in the yellow box at the bottom left where it says Search PEC address and then enter the data to carry out the search.

Once you have gone to the page to search for the PEC, at the top you will find two categories, namely, Professionals and Companies . To search for a professional’s PEC, it may be sufficient to fill in the Name , Surname , Province and/or Category fields , click on I am not a robot and finally on Search Professional PEC at the bottom . If, on the other hand, you have a tax code, all you need to do is enter that.

As you may have already guessed, you don’t necessarily have to fill out all the fields on the form, sometimes you can get results even by filling in only three or four of them.

The situation for business research is very similar. In this case it will be necessary to specify the Denomination (the company name) and the Province and already with only these data it is possible to obtain the PEC of the company. Even for businesses, if you already have a tax code, just enter that.

INI PEC, is also an excellent tool to do the reverse operation, i.e. to verify the validity of the PEC, in fact, if you are wondering how to know if an email address is PEC , you can simply enter the address in the search field PEC address and search. If you get results, it means that the email is actually active and is a PEC, if you don’t find results, it could be that the email you have is incorrect.


The situation is further different if you are looking for the PEC of a Public Administration body. In this case you can use the IpaPortale website, which allows you to find the PECs of Municipalities, Universities, hospitals and so on.

To begin your search, you can go to this page of the Ipa portal and fill in the fields you find based on the information in your possession. In almost all cases, it will be sufficient to enter only the Denomination and then press the Search button in the blue box at the bottom right and that’s it.

To find out more about how to search for PEC addresses, I leave you to my dedicated guide.

How to know if an email address exists

Verify Email

Were you able to find the e-mail address you were looking for thanks to my advice and now you want to make sure it is correct and valid? Well, I’m very happy for you. Or you’ve come straight to this point because you’re simply wondering if an email address you need to write to is valid. However things stand, now let’s see immediately how to know if an email address exists .

To succeed in this, you could use the Verify Email site, where you just need to enter your email in the field provided: after a few seconds, the site will give you a detailed answer (if it doesn’t appear, try disabling adblock).

In case you followed the logic of combinations , you could try to verify the validity of that email you tried to guess. If through the verification it is valid, pay attention to cases of homonyms, in fact it is not said that it corresponds exactly to the person you were looking for.

For your information, there are many other sites that allow you to verify an email address. In this regard, I want to leave you this guide of mine which talks about how to verify email address .