How to find contacts in gmail {Easy Way 2023}

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How to find contacts in gmail-You need to send an e-mail message from your Gmail box but you don’t remember the recipient’s e-mail address, which you had saved in your contacts. You have tried to find your way through the settings of the Google Web Mail service but, nothing, you cannot find a solution to the problem. If that’s the case, don’t worry, I’m here to help you now.

In today’s guide, I will show you how to find contacts in Gmail using the web version of the service or the tools included in Windows and macOS. Then, in case you want to act from a smartphone or tablet, I will show you how to do this also from Android and iOS / iPadOS. Finally, if you need to recover a contact from the Gmail address book, I’ll explain how to export one or more contacts to other email service accounts and how to recover a contact deleted by mistake.

So, is that exactly what you wanted to know? Very well, then I invite you to read this guide of mine immediately. Come on: make yourself comfortable, dedicate a few minutes of your free time to consult all the suggestions and procedures that you will find in the next chapters, and put everything into practice. All I have to do is wish you a good reading and good luck for everything!

How to see contacts in gmail

If your intent is to see the contacts you’ve saved in Gmail , read on: in the next chapters of the guide, I’ll show you how to do this both from the Web and from computers, smartphones and tablets. I will then explain how to add a Google account to your device, how to activate contact synchronization and, finally, how to view the address book.

How to see contacts in gmail from Web

How to find contacts in gmail

The Gmail contact list can be consulted directly from the Web, using any browser. If you want to consult the list of your contacts, you must first access the Google Contacts platform .

After reaching the service in question, log in using your Google account, entering the Gmail address and password associated with it. Once this is done, on the main screen, you can find the telephone contacts on Gmail by viewing the list of names (with attached email address and number) that you have saved on your Google account, from Gmail or from the smartphone and tablet address book.

If you need to read more detailed information about a contact, in addition to the email address and telephone number, you must click on it to view its profile. In this screen that appears to you, you can update your Gmail contacts by deleting or adding information using the appropriate Edit button .

How to see contacts in gmail from Windows

How to find contacts in gmail

If you want to find Gmail contacts on your computer and you use Windows 10 or Windows 11 on your computer, you must act through the People tab of the Mail app . But first you need to make sure that contact synchronization is turned on for the Google account associated with your Windows PC.

On Windows 11 , access the Settings panel, using the Win+i key combination or by clicking on the gear icon found in the Start menu . Once this is done, select the Account item ; on Windows 10 instead you have to click on the items Accounts > E-mail and accounts .

At this point, press the Add account button and, in the box that appears, press the item Google ; then enter the credentials of your Gmail account, typing the email address and password connected to it. Once logged in, your PC information will be synchronized.

If you want to make sure that the synchronization of the contacts has been successful, go to the Account section of the Windows Settings panel, click on the item that shows your Gmail address and press the Manage button .

Once this is done, on the screen you are viewing, press on the wording Change mailbox synchronization settings and make sure that the lever located next to the Contacts item is set to ON , then pressing the Done button .

How to find contacts in gmail

At this point, to view the Gmail contact list, start the Mail app , which you find on the Windows Start screen. After starting the application, press the little men icon at the bottom ( People ), so as to show the panel with the list of contacts synchronized with all your accounts.

To view only those from Gmail, click on the filter icon (the one with the funnel ), and leave the check mark only on the Gmail box , then confirming the operation using the Done button .


How to find contacts in gmail

If you have a Mac , you can also access your Google contact list from the macOS Contacts application. First, though, you need to associate your Google account with the system. To do this, click on the bitten apple icon in the upper left corner of the screen on the menu bar.

Once this is done, in the box that is shown to you, select the item System preferences and choose the item Internet accounts from the macOS settings panel. At this point, press the Google logo and enter the login information (email and password ) for your Gmail account. Among the options that will be shown to you on the screen, make sure that the box next to the Contacts item is active and press Finish .

Very good! We are almost there! All that remains is to start the Contacts application , whose icon is present in the macOS Launchpad . Once the application has started, in its main screen, click on the item All (Google) and you will be shown the Gmail contact list.


How to find contacts in gmail

In case you want to view the Gmail contact list on your smartphone or tablet with the Android operating system , you can use the phone book pre-installed on the device or the Google Contacts app.

Before starting the procedure for viewing Gmail contacts on Android, you need to associate a Google account with your smartphone or tablet: to do this, launch the Settings panel, whose icon is present on the home screen, then select the item Users and accounts and press on the wording Add account that you find at the bottom.

On the screen that appears, press the item Google and follow the on-screen procedure to connect your Google account by typing your Gmail address and the password associated with it. Now, on the Users and accounts screen of the Android Settings , press on the item Google and then on the newly added Gmail address .

Now, if since your goal is to synchronize contacts on Gmail (both for those already existing on your Google account and for the new ones that you will create directly on your Android smartphone), among the options you see on the screen, Make sure Sync Contacts is set to ON

How to find contacts in gmail

At this point, you can open your Android device’s address book (the one with an agenda icon ) and find the newly synchronized contacts in the list that is shown to you. Alternatively, use the Google Contacts app, available for free in the Android Play Store.

To install it, go to the link I provided directly from your smartphone or tablet, to open the Play Store, and tap the Install button . At the end of the procedure, then press the Open button to start the app.

After launching the Contacts app , you allow access to device features. On the main screen of the app you will find the list of all contacts arranged in alphabetical order. Therefore, select a contact by tapping on it, to view the associated information, such as telephone number or email address.

If you then want to know how to save contacts on Gmail from Android , what you need to do is enable synchronization on the account (which I explained to you at the beginning of this chapter). All your contacts will then be synchronized to your Google account, while for the new ones you add you will need to make sure that your Google account is set from time to time as a save destination.

By opening the address book app of the phone you use and selecting the icon to create a new contact , in the upper area make sure that Save to Google is set followed by your Gmail address . If not, tap on the appropriate drop-down menu and select your Google account, so you can fill in the contact card fields and finally proceed with saving directly to your Gmail account.


How to find contacts in gmail

If you have an iPhone or iPad , you can view your Gmail contacts directly from the Contacts app by associating your Gmail account with your device. To do this, first add your Gmail account via your device’s Settings panel .

To do this, launch the Settings app via its icon on the home screen and select the items Contacts > Account > Add account > Google . On the screen that appears, enter the Gmail address and the password associated with it, to log in and move the lever relating to the Contacts option to ON .

If you have already added a Gmail account to iOS/iPadOS and want to check if contact synchronization is active, go to the Contacts > Accounts section of the System Settings , select the Gmail item and check if the lever next to the Contacts item is moved to ON (if the answer is negative, you fix it).

At this point, start the Contacts app , whose icon is present on the home screen, to view the list of all contacts synchronized on your Apple device, including those from Gmail

If you want to save contacts on Gmail from iPhone , start the Settings app , select the item Contacts and then press on the one called Default account . Once this is done, among the options that are shown to you, put a check mark on your Gmail account on which you want new accounts to be stored from now on.

How to recover contacts on gmail

If your intent is to recover contacts on Gmail , perhaps to export them to another mail service or to restore an accidentally deleted contact from the address book, read on: in the next chapters I will show you how to carry out these operations via the Web panel of Google Contacts .

Exporting contacts

How to find contacts in gmail

The process of exporting Gmail contacts , useful for example for importing the address book into other email services, is a procedure that takes only a few minutes and is very simple to complete.

First, sign in with your Gmail account to Google Contacts . Once this is done, via the left sidebar, select the Export item . In the box that appears, select the format for extracting all contacts ( Google CSV to import them into another Google account, Outlook CSV to import them into a Microsoft account or vCard to import them into an iOS/iPadOS device), then press on Export and a file containing your contact list will be downloaded.

Alternatively, if you want to export individual contacts, select them from the list displayed on the screen and then press the (…) icon at the top and click on Export . Then follow the same instructions I gave you in the previous paragraph to choose the export format and then press the Export button to complete the operation.

You can then use the obtained CSV or VCF files to import contacts into all major email clients and services.

Recovery of deleted contacts

Recovery of deleted contacts

In the event that you have deleted contacts on Gmail, you can proceed with data recovery using the appropriate panel in Google Contacts . Then reach the link I provided and log in with your Gmail account, using your email and the password associated with it.

Once this is done, select the Trash item from the left sidebar and select the contact to restore. Then press the Retrieve button to move the contact in question to its main list of origin. I remind you that the contacts in the Google Contacts trash are removed after 30 days and will no longer be recoverable.