How to find out someone’s email

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Is it possible to find a person’s email address simply by knowing their first and last name? Thankfully, the answer is no, or at least not directly. Users’ privacy is always protected and their email addresses are not published without their permission… But that doesn’t mean that with a little luck you can’t be able to track them down.

Today I want to explain to you how to find out someone’s email using small tricks that could allow you to trace the e-mail address of a specific user, perhaps an old school friend or a colleague who has not yet given you his e-mail address.

Naturally, the systems that I am about to show you to discover a person’s email are completely legal and do not imply the violation of other people’s privacy. Furthermore, the steps you will have to carry out are very simple and can be performed without problems even by the less experienced in new technologies, fear not.

How do you find someone’s email

How to find out someone's email

How to find out someone’s email? The first step you need to take is essentially to go by logic and attempts in order to be able to trace the presumed e-mail address of a specific user.

If you know the person in question has an email address Gmail, you can follow the pattern below. Keep in mind that Google suggests users create a Gmail email account consisting of the name and surname of the owner of the same. However, this does not mean that many decide to replace everything with a nickname or other terms of their choice. If so, the situation could be a little more complicated. Also know that for Gmail e-mail addresses any points present in the initial part of the same are not taken into account.

  • firstnamesurname@gmail.com
  • surnamename@gmail.com
  • name_surname@gmail.com
  • surname_name@gmail.cm
  • firstnamesurnameyeardinascita@gmail.com
  • firstname_surname_yeardinascita@gmail.com
  • surnamenameyeardinascita@gmail.com
  • surnamename_yeardinascita@gmail.com
  • nickname@gmail.com
  • nicknameannodinascita@gmail.com
  • nickname_annodinascita@gmail.com

If, on the other hand, you are interested in discovering the emails of a person you know has an email address Live/Hotmail (Microsoft’s) you can stick to the schemes listed below. Consider that until recently, registration on Windows Live services automatically assigned an e-mail address based on the user’s first and last name, so the “survey” shouldn’t be too complicated. With the introduction of addresses outlook.com And Outlook.it the naming policy has changed but still you can try those too.

  • surname_name@hotmail.it (or .com)
  • name_surname@hotmail.it (or .com)
  • surname.name@hotmail.it (or .com)
  • name.surname@hotmail.it (or .com)
  • name.surname@live.com (or .it)
  • surname.name@live.com (or .it)
  • name_surname@live.com (or .it)
  • surname_name@live.com (or .it)
  • name.surname@outlook.com (or .it)
  • surname.name@outlook.com (or .it)
  • name_surname@outlook.com (or .it)
  • surname_name@outlook.com (or .it)
  • firstnamesurnameyeardinascita@outlook.com (or .it)
  • firstnamesurname.yeardinascita@outlook.com (or .it)
  • firstname_surname_annodinascita@outlook.com (or .it)
  • surnamenameyeardinascita@outlook.com (or .it)
  • surnamename_annodinascita@outlook.com (or .it)
  • nickname@outlook.com (or .it)
  • nickname.annodinascita@outlook.com (or .it)
  • nicknameannodinascita@outlook.com (or .it)
  • nickname_annodinascita@outlook.com (or .it)

If, on the other hand, you are interested in identifying the email address of a person you know, use a different email service from those that I have already indicated you can try to follow the scheme below. Remember to replace when finished service present after the snail (@) the name of the e-mail service that you think the person whose e-mail address you are trying to find might be using.

  • surname_name@servizio.it (or .com)
  • name_surname@servizio.it (or .com)
  • surname.name@servizio.it (or .com)
  • name.surname@servizio.it (or .com)
  • name.surname@servizio.it (or .com)
  • surname.name@servizio.it (or .com)
  • name_surname@servizio.it (or .com)
  • surname_name@servizio.it (or .com)
  • name.surname@servizio.it (or .com)
  • surname.name@servizio.it (or .com)
  • name_surname@servizio.it (or .com)
  • surname_name@servizio.it (or .com)
  • namesurnameyeardinascita@servizio.it (or .com)
  • namesurname.annodinascita@servizio.it (or .com)
  • namesurname_yeardinascita@servizio.it (or .com)
  • surnamenameyeardinascita@servizio.it (or .com)
  • surnamename_yeardinascita@servizio.it (or .com)
  • nickname@servizio.it (or .com)
  • nickname.annodinascita@servizio.it (or .com)
  • nicknameannodinascita@servizio.it (or .com)
  • nickname_annodinascita@servizio.it (or .com)

At this point, you may have finally identified the right email address of the person you’re looking for but… How can you verify that it actually exists? Simple, using the website Verify Email. This is a website which, as the name suggests, allows you to check the validity of e-mail addresses. Obviously keep in mind that you will not be shown the name and surname of the actual owner of the email address entered, but it indicates only and only if the email address entered is really existing and active or not.

To use the Verify Email service click here, so that you can immediately connect to the home page of the same, then type in the appropriate field displayed in the center of the Web page that has opened the e-mail address of which you want to verify the existence (eg. name.surname@live.com or surname.name@hotmail.it). Then press the button Enter present on the keyboard to start the verification.


If the test result is positive, you will be shown a green box indicating that the e-mail address you previously typed is valid. If so, then you may have found the right email address.

To verify this, try sending an e-mail message to the address in question indicating who you are and specifying the fact that you may also have the wrong recipient, then wait for an e-mail reply that can confirm or deny your searches.

If, on the other hand, the result of the test carried out using the Verify Email website is negative, a box will be shown on the screen stating that the email address indicated is not valid.

Discover someone’s email on Facebook


If you want to find out how to find someone’s email on facebook, then you’ll be pleased to know that this is something that often appears in profile information, but not always. Indeed a person, although he must necessarily sign up by emailcan decide whether or not to allow the display of the mail address.

Indeed, there are a number of options that allow you to set the display only to the owner of the profile, and then move on to a more or less restricted audience up to the public option. So while the person in question definitely has an associated email address, they might keep it hidden in your eyes.

In any case, let’s see how to find this data if you are allowed access. First, if you want to search from your smartphone or tablet, open theFacebook apps for Android or iOS/iPadOS and then log in with your credentials. Now tap on magnifying glass located at the top, type the name and surname of the person in question and open their profile.

From here, just below the profile photo, you can find a more or less long series of general information related to work, studies, sentimental status or other things. Just below this box is the writing See the information of [nome cognome]. By pressing this item, you access all the information that has been shared with you (understood as belonging to the category friends, acquaintances or whatever).

Among those, in the named space contact info, you may or may not find the subject’s email address. If it’s not there, it means that it has not been made public in your eyes by the person in question, so you have no chance of getting it.

If you are trading from pc the procedure is quite similar, as you must first of all go to the main Facebook page, log in with your data and search for the person in question using the search bar Search on Facebook.

Once you have found the subject, click on his name to open the profile, select the profile Information located under the photo and choose the item Contact and background information. If the email address is public, you will find it in the section contact info. For more details, I leave you with my guide on how to search for people on Facebook.

How to find someone’s email on Instagram


Didn’t find the email on Facebook? Then maybe you could get it by looking at the profile on Instagram since, on this social network, the mail address can even have its own dedicated button. Let’s see how to find this information (where present) from a smartphone and then also from a PC.

If you work from a smartphone, the first thing you need to do is start theInstagram apps for Android or iPhone and then sign in to your profile. Once here, search for the person in question using the icon with the magnifying glass.

Type name and surname or nickname of the subject then select it from the list of profiles that Instagram provides you in the search results. When you enter his page, you find a series of information scattered in the first half of the screen, with one biography and some buttons just below.

This information may already be present in the bio, so be sure to read it carefully and, if so, see if it is there links to external sites that could indeed have the email of the subject in the information. If not, there are buttons above the photos that vary depending on the person in question.

The first is definitely Follow/Follow already which allows you to follow or unfollow that person, but to the right of this person are others. Among them you may just find E-mail or Contacts, who will provide you with the e-mail address of the person in question. If I’m not there, then I’m sorry but it is not public informationthen you can try asking them in a direct message through the social itself.

How to see someone’s email if you are operating from PC? Go to the Instagram main page, access your profile and use the bar Near to search for the person in question. Unfortunately here these buttons E-mail or Contacts they are not displayed, so you can only use the bio, any external links or a direct message to get it. If you want to know more about how to search for people on Instagram, I’ll leave you with my dedicated guide.