How to put effects on Google Meet

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You have been using the platform for some time now for your videoconferences Google Meet, the free “big G” solution aimed at simplifying remote communications. In this regard, during the last meeting you noticed that a friend of yours was able to embellish his image with very special effects and filters: intrigued by the thing, you would like to learn how to do it yourself, but you just don’t know where to start.

How do you say? This is exactly how things are and, therefore, you would like to know how to put effects on google meet? Then know that you are in the right place, at the right time! During this guide, in fact, I will take care to explain how to customize your image and the visual aspect of the entire conference using the functions integrated in Google Meet.

Courage: make yourself comfortable and carefully read everything I have to explain to you on the subject. I’m sure that, within minutes, you will have acquired the skills you need to succeed in your small business. Having said that, there’s nothing left for me to do but wish you a good read and have fun!

How to put effects on Google Meet on PC

Meet Desktop

The easiest way to put effects on google meet on pc consists in using the functions integrated in the web version of the service, which allow you to enable the background blurinserting one virtual background and the use of a virtual whiteboard (or Jam).

To be able to do this, after starting a new meeting or taking part in an existing meeting, click on the button (⋮) located at the bottom right and select the item Apply visual effects. Now, via the tile Effects opened on the right, select the desired effect using one of the buttons below the items No effects or blurs (to apply a soft or hard blur effect) or Wallpapers (if you want to select one of the virtual backgrounds among those available or if you want to load one, by clicking on the symbol of the postcard with the + to choose it).

If you want to use the blackboard instead, after clicking on the button (⋮) located at the bottom, select the item Board from the menu that opens and, in the box that opens on the right, click on the button Start a new whiteboard. In the next window you can draw on the blackboard using the tools on the sidebar on the left.

After drawing on the whiteboard, click on the icon of arrow pointing up (present in the window where the blackboard itself is located, top right) and click on the button Present the card in the meeting in the opened menu. Finally, select the form to share in the box Choose what to share that opened and click on the button Share, so as to share its content with the participants in the video call. Continuing to write and draw on the whiteboard, the content will be shared in real time with those connected to the video call.

If the effects present by default are not to your liking, know that there are some browser extensions which allow you to use many others. Keep in mind, however, that this kind of add-on could be a potential risk to your privacyso think carefully before using one and, when in doubt, better leave it alone and “settle” for the functions present by default in the service.

If you really want to use one of these third-party tools, try the add-on Visual Effects for Google Meet (available on the Chrome Web Store and compatible with Chrome, Edge in the version based on Chromium and Opera), which from the tests done seems to me to work quite well. More info here.

How to put effects on Google Meet on smartphones and tablets

Customize Meet background

If you are wondering how to use effects in google meet from smartphones And Tabletknow that this is not always feasible, as you need to have a device capable of supporting the various effects available in the Google Meet app for Android or iOS/iPadOS.

In this case, you need to have a device with Android 5.0 or later that is powerful enough to apply the effects (eg. Samsung Galaxy S9 or later, Pixels 3 or later and similar products) or a device with iOS/iPadOS 12 or later that it is compatible (iPhone 8 or later e Fifth generation iPad or later).

If you have a suitable device, after starting a new meeting or taking part in one already started by another person, press the symbol of little stars attached to the personal viewing frame (the one where you see yourself so to speak) and then apply the effect of blurone of wallpapers ready-to-use virtual ones (you can also load personalized ones by pressing on the symbol +), one of styles available or, again, one of filters present.

After selecting and applying the effect of your interest, press the button end, to close the screen concerning the application of the same. Admit it: applying an effect on Meet was easier than expected, right?