How to Recover Deleted Gmail Emails

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In recent days you have received a flood of e-mails on Gmailmostly e-mail automatic messages sent from social networks and a fair amount of spam. In trying to put some order among the many messages received, something that shouldn’t have happened happened: you accidentally deleted some important ones. You are in this situation, aren’t you?

Don’t despair: this happens more often than you imagine and, if you’re wondering how to recover deleted gmail emails, I can provide you with all the help you need. You’re probably thinking right now that I’ve gone crazy and that a deleted email message is now permanently lost, but I can assure you that’s not the case, or at least not exactly (deleted emails remain available for a certain number of days , then they are actually permanently removed from the mailbox) and by reading the following lines you will immediately realize it.

If, therefore, you want to find out how to succeed in your goal from computers and mobile devices, I invite you to take a few minutes of free time and read the instructions below carefully. You will see that, in the end, it will be as if nothing ever happened to your precious emails. I wish you a good reading and I wish you a big good luck for everything!


How to recover deleted gmail emails from browser

Retrieve emails Gmail browser

You are interested to know how to recover deleted gmail emails. Right? I will immediately show you how to carry out this operation from the browser, via the Web version of the famous Google e-mail service. Before proceeding, however, I inform you that unless you have permanently deleted the emails you are looking for, they will be available for 30 days In the Gmail trash: at the end of this period of time, the service will automatically and permanently delete the messages, which therefore will no longer be recoverable (unless you ask for a new sending by the respective senders, of course).

First, connect to Gmail and, if prompted, enter yours email address and the password associated with the latter. If you can’t remember your Google account login credentials, feel free to take a look at my tutorial on how to recover a Gmail account).

Now that you have the mailbox screen in front of you, you need to proceed to recover deleted Gmail emails from Trash: to access the latter, click on the item Other that you find at the top left and then click on the item Basket (if you don’t see these entries, press the ☰ button located at the top left).

You should now be able to view all the emails that you have deleted and can still be restored. To restore them, click on the boxes placed on the left, corresponding to the emails you want to recover and then click on the icon folder with arrow which is at the top left.

From the menu that opens, choose, therefore, the folder in which to move the selected messages (eg. Incoming mail, Spam, Social), or type the first name of a folder you created in Gmail in search field place at the top, and click on result shown below. Perfect, you’re halfway there: to recover the email you restored, all you have to do is click on folder name where just moved emails from the left menu (to see all folders, click on the item Other and then on the voice Categories). It wasn’t hard, agree?

Please note that when you retrieve emails in Gmail, they are repositioned to the date you originally received them: therefore, if they are particularly old messages, you will need to scroll through the list of emails in the folder you moved them to to see them.

Want to know too recover deleted spam emails Gmail? Simple, you just need to follow the same steps listed up to now: the procedure for recovering emails is always the same, regardless of the folder where the messages originally resided. If, on the other hand, you simply want to remove an email from the Spam in Gmail, select it and move it as seen above for the emails in the Trash.

As I mentioned earlier, an email that has been in the Trash for more than 30 days is permanently deleted. In this case it is not possible to proceed with the recovery, unless you have a Gmail account managed by an institution, a company or an institution. Only in this case will it be possible to restore permanently deleted emails. However, the procedure can only be performed by the account administrator from the Google admin console: more information here.

Finally, you can make one last attempt using the Google Support email recovery tool which can be reached by clicking here: to use the latter, click on the button Continues and Google will inform you immediately if messages could be retrieved.

How to recover deleted gmail emails from computer

Easeus Data Recovery Wizard

If you want to find out how to recover deleted gmail emails from your computer and are you in the habit of using a traditional email client (eg. Windows Mail or Outlook) with the download of messages locally, you can also try to contact a program for recovering deleted files.

Among the many available, I point out to you EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard: This is a good free program (up to 2GB of data, the version Pros costs $69.95) which allows you to recover deleted files on both Windows and macOS.

To download the free version of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard at windowsconnected to the official site and click on the item Free Downloads. Then wait for the download of the program to start and complete. Then open the file DRW_Free_RSS_new_Installer_[numero versione].exe just obtained and proceed with the installation of the program by clicking on the buttons in sequence Yes, Install now And It begins now.

If, on the other hand, you own a Macdownload EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard from this page by clicking on the button Free Downloads. Afterwards, open the file mac_drw_free.dmg obtained and drag theicon of the program in the folder Applications. On first launch, you will need to confirm that the software is running by pressing the button You open and typing the password of your computer.

At this point, regardless of whether the one you are using is a Windows PC or a Mac, in the window that will open you must select theicon relative to the location where you want to search for your deleted emails (eg. C:) and click on the item Scanto start the search.

At the end of the latter (it could even take several minutes), use the list on the left to navigate through all the folders that contain deleted files that can be recovered, click right click on file of the emails to recover (eg. .DBX, .EMLetc.) and select the item Retrieve from the menu that opens, to restore the deleted email file. After that, choose a destination for the recovered files and that’s it. Read more here.

How to recover deleted Gmail emails from smartphones and tablets

Gmail app

I will proceed now by showing you how to recover deleted gmail emails on smartphones And Tablet using the official application of Google’s electronic mail service, available on Android and iOS/iPadOS. The procedures are certainly no more complex than those seen on a computer. Also in this case, moreover, the emails can be recovered within 30 days from elimination. Find all the details below.

Recover deleted emails Gmail: Android

Recover Gmail emails Android

If you operate from a smartphone or tablet androidstart theGmail app and tap the ☰ button located at the top left. Then scroll the menu displayed on the left and press on the item Basket. If you’ve recently deleted emails and if your Gmail Trash hasn’t been emptied yet, the email message or messages you’re looking for will appear on the screen that opens.

Once you have identified the message (or messages) you want to restore, press and hold your finger on them for a few seconds preview and then release the pressure. To select more than one message, press and hold your finger and release it to activate selection mode, then select other messages to restore.

Now, tap the ⁝ button at the top left and, from the menu that opens, press on the item Move toto select the destination folder from the list (the inbox is the folder Principal). Simple, don’t you think?

Finally, to view the restored email, call up the Gmail side menu by tapping the ☰ button at the top left, choose the destination folder that you selected in the previous step and scroll through the list of the various emails available (the retrieved email will be shown again on the day you received it, therefore, if you don’t find it immediately, make sure you go back through the list of emails to to reach those received on the aforementioned day). I inform you that with the procedure that I have just explained to you, you can also recover messages from spam and any other deleted messages, drafts included.

If, on the other hand, you don’t use the Gmail app but the site of the e-mail service, reachable at mail.google.com, once you have accessed the main mailbox page, tap the ☰ button located at the top left, then press the item Basket and, from here, tap on boxes placed next to previews of the emails you want to recover. Finally, press the ▲ icon at the bottom center and press on the item Move > Inbox (to move messages to the Inbox).

Recover deleted emails Gmail: iPhone

Recover Gmail iPhone emails

You are an Apple user and, therefore, you are wondering how to recover deleted emails from iPhone Gmail Trash or iPads? The procedure, in this case, is similar to the one I showed you in the previous chapter on Android, with the exception that instead of the button ⁝ located at the top right of the Trash, this time you will find the button .

Before concluding, for other doubts about the “Big G” email service, I invite you to take a look at the official Gmail support page, where you can search for a specific topic by typing in keywords (eg. deleted emails) in the search bar above or select one of the items listed below. Finally, for direct contact, you can take a look at my tutorial on how to contact Google.