How to recover Gmail account

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After reading my guide on how to create Gmail accounts, you managed to create your email account through the well-known service offered by Google. But now it’s been weeks, and every time you try to log into your Gmail account, you’re denied access.

Don’t worry, there’s nothing to worry about – it’s a pretty common problem. To help you, however, I need to know your problem in detail. You just can’t remember the password associated with your account? Or, while typing your e-mail address correctly, are you having problems accessing your mailbox? If the answer to these or other similar questions is yes, know that nothing is lost.

To succeed in recover gmail account, it is in fact sufficient to take advantage of the emergency functions made available by Google. Based on the information you’ve chosen to link to your account, you’ll be able to restore access to Gmail quite easily and instantly without losing any of your previous communications. To find out more, read on: you will find everything explained below.


Preliminary operations


Before proceeding to explain yourself how to recover gmail account, there is a small preliminary step that you could try to take. Gmail offers many methods for recovering your account, but sometimes you may not even need to do them.

You could try, in fact, a check the passwords that have been saved on your device (whether it’s a PC or a smartphone/tablet) and to recover that of your Gmail account, if present. To find out in detail how to make the most of this method, I invite you to consult my guide on the subject.

How to recover lost Gmail account

If you have lost your Gmail account because you have forgotten your email address, password or other useful data to log in and the method I explained in the previous chapter cannot help you, there are other solutions to which you can resort. All you have to do is continue reading this guide and apply the method that is most suitable for your specific situation.

How to recover gmail account without password


In case you have Forgot your Gmail account password and are trying to retrieve it, first head to the Google login page, enter your email address or yours telephone number In the field where you are prompted and then press the button After you. Then you have to click on the item Forgot password?.

If you connected your telephone to your email, a notification will be sent to you about it, thanks to which you will be able to log in to your account. At this point, all you have to do is press the button Yes that appears on the page that will automatically open on your phone. If, on the other hand, this step is not feasible for you, press the button Try another method.

In the event that you have enabled the two-step verification for your account, you can also use it to regain access to your account. To do this you must press on the item Get a verification code from the Google Authenticator app and then open the same app on your phone. Now copy the code related to Google on the recovery page and then press the button After you. If this option isn’t your thing either, just click on the item Try another method.

Another solution that you can resort to is to get yourself send an email to the recovery address associated with the email address you are trying to access. In this case, all you have to do is access the email box that you set as the recovery email, open the message sent by Google and copy the Numerical code present within it. You must then enter the latter on the Google password recovery page and you must press the button After you.

If you have no way of using this method, you can also skip this step by pressing the button Try another method. Therefore, if the account has been associated with a telephone numberyou can choose to be contacted on it: just press the button Send SMS or up Who lovesdepending on your preferences and enter the code which is reported to you by the method you have chosen. Once this is done, then press the button After you.

After deciding on the method to recover your Gmail account, you can set a new password immediately or skip the step to deal with it later. In any case, if you are interested in changing your Gmail password, I invite you to consult my guide where I show you how to change your Gmail password.

The exact same process can be performed on smartphones or tablets through theGmail app for Android and iOS/iPadOS: all you have to do is follow the same steps that I have shown you in this chapter, as they are perfectly the same.

How to recover gmail account without phone number


Can’t access your Gmail account anymore and can’t use your phone to recover it? No problem: Google has made available a wide variety of methods to regain access to your account even without some of the essential data, including, in fact, the phone number.

In this case, for recover gmail account without phone number you must, again, go to the Google login page and enter yours email addressand then click on the button After you. Later, you can attempt to recover your account by entering an old password that was set to your account in the past. If this matches, you will regain access to your account immediately.

If you are trying to do this procedure via smartphones or tabletsalso in this case the steps are exactly identical to the ones I just showed you earlier.

In case this method isn’t for you, you can always try other solutions made available by Google to recover your Gmail account without using your phone number. You can see all those available in the previous chapter.

How to recover deleted Gmail account


In the event that you have deleted your Gmail account by mistake, know that you can always recover it, provided that the cancellation is not too old. Within a certain time limit, in fact, Google allows you to get your account back even after deletion.

If you are looking to recover a deleted gmail accountfirst head to the google recovery page and enter theemail address or the telephone number of the email you want to recover and then click on the button After you twice.

At this point you will be prompted with all the security solutions that I listed in the previous chapter, so you just have to follow the same steps until you find the right one for you to recover your account.

That’s all: once you unlock your account with one of the methods that are proposed to you, Gmail will be accessible again with the email that was deleted, now restored and working again.

Of course, you can also recover your deleted account on smartphones and tablets via browser. In this case, to recover a normal account, the procedure is the same as that I have indicated to you during this chapter.

If the account you want to recover is within a Family Links (if it’s your child’s account, for example), the process is pretty straightforward. First open the Family Link website and click on theicon ≡ and then select the item Recover your child’s account.


Now you need to enter the password of the parent account in the appropriate field and then click on the button After you. Then click on the button RECOVER located in correspondence with the account you are trying to recover and it will be operational again immediately afterwards.

The same procedure is not feasible directly from the Family Link application, but can be performed from smartphones and tablets from the browser in the same way, following the same instructions that I showed you just now. For more information on Family Link, read the tutorial I dedicated to the service.

How to recover deactivated Gmail account


Before explaining yourself how to recover a deactivated gmail account, it is good that you know the reasons that can lead to such a thing. You should know, in fact, that it is Google itself that deactivates the accounts if they do not comply with the rules or terms and conditions of the same.

If you have found yourself in this situation and are trying to recover your account, know that all is not lost: in fact, you can appeal to get it back. To find out more, I invite you to consult my guide where I show you how to restore your Google account.

How to recover locked Gmail account


You can no longer log into your Gmail account because it shows blocked? You should know that there isn’t exactly one way to block an account, so the problems you’ve run into could relate to the categories I’ve already told you about in this guide. My advice, therefore, is to identify the problem by consulting one of the chapters of this tutorial and following the one that best suits your situation.

How to recover stolen gmail account


If your Gmail account has been stolen, I’ll reassure you right away that there are solutions to get it back. All you have to do is follow a couple of steps to increase the security of your account and to drive out any unwanted “guests” who have sneaked into it, modifying or stealing its data. In this regard, I invite you to read my guide where I show you how to recover a stolen Google account.