How to recover Gmail password without changing it {Update 2023}

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How to recover Gmail password without changing it-Forgot our Gmail password and can’t access your email account anymore? It’s a big deal , I know; But don’t despair, I can give you a hand to deal with the problem. How do you say? You gladly accept my help but would you like to complete the thing without changing the password associated with your account? Well, the result is not guaranteed, I’ll tell you right away, in any case it doesn’t hurt to try.

Therefore, if you are actually interested in the question, I suggest you not to waste further precious time, to make yourself comfortable in front of your trusted computer and to immediately begin to concentrate on reading this guide of mine, entirely dedicated, precisely, to how to recover password Gmail without changing it .

In fact, in the following lines I will illustrate the use of some tools designed specifically for this purpose, which could allow you to recover the access credentials of your Google-branded email account, provided that certain prerogatives are respected: I am sure that, with a bit of luck, you will be able to find the solution that is right for you. Happy reading and good luck with everything!

How to recover Gmail password from Browser

If you usually log in to Gmail automatically from your browser, simply by visiting the service website and/or without manually entering your login details, there is a good chance that you can trace your account password simply through the manager password built into the program or app you usually use to browse the Internet.

Clearly, in order for the procedure to be successful, it is essential that the Gmail access key has been previously stored in the browser, after pressing the Save/Save password key , which appears immediately after the first entry of the Webmail access data by Google. Below I’ll explain how to access the password managers of the most commonly used browsers, so as to check if the password you are looking for is stored right there.

How to recover Gmail password from Google Chrome

How to recover Gmail password without changing it

Let’s start with the Google Chrome browser for computers: open the browser, click on the button (⫶) located at the top right and select the Settings item , visible in the menu that appears. Now, press on the wording Autofill (on the left), click on the Password management item and, if necessary, unlock the manager by authenticating yourself with the computer password or with the configured biometric trace . Finally, click on the name of the Gmail account for which to recover the access key and then on the eye symbol , corresponding to the password field .

If, on the other hand, you use Google Chrome for smartphones and tablets, you can access the password manager in the following way: if you use Android , touch the  button at the top right, choose the Settings item from the menu that opens and press the word Manager passwords ; if you use, however, iPhone and iPad, you must press the (…) button at the bottom and then on the Password management item . In any case, having reached the next screen, press the eye symbol relating to the Gmail account of your interest, to view the access key in clear text.

How to recover Gmail password from Mozilla Firefox

How to recover Gmail password without changing it

However, as regards Mozilla Firefox for PC and Mac, you have to follow a slightly different procedure: after opening the browser, click on the ☰ button visible at the top right and then press on the wording Password , located in the menu that opens. Then, locate the email address of the mailbox of your interest from the left sidebar (you can help yourself with the search field at the top, if you can’t find it immediately) and click on it, so as to open the login details screen. Finally, click on the eye symbol to view the password in clear text.

If, on the other hand, you use Firefox for smartphones and tablets , open the application and tap on the  symbol , visible at the bottom right; now, touch the Settings item, open the Credentials and passwords section and touch the wording Saved credentials . At this point, use the unlock method configured on your device to access the aforementioned section, press the name of the Gmail account for which to recover the password and touch the eye symbol to view it.

How to recover Gmail password from Microsoft Edge

Come recuperare password Gmail: browser

Do you suspect your password is stored in Microsoft Edge ? No problem: you can go back to it in an extremely similar way to what we have seen so far. Therefore, if you use a computer , open the browser and click on the (…) button , located at the top right, to access the main software menu. Now, select the Profiles item located in the tab that opens and then press the Password box .

Once this is done, scroll through the page that is offered to you until you reach the Saved passwords section , locate the Gmail address of your interest in the list that appears on the screen and press the eye symbol , located next to it; if necessary, enter the password , PIN or biometric trace associated with the computer to complete the procedure.

If, on the other hand, you use Microsoft Edge for smartphones and tablets , tap the button (…) located at the bottom, press the wording Settings residing in the panel that opens and touch the items Account > Account > Password ; later, locate the name of the Gmail account of your interest and press the eye symbol visible in its correspondence, to view the password in clear text.

How to recover Gmail password from Safari

How to recover Gmail password without changing it

To access the Safari password manager for Mac , after opening the browser, click on the Safari menu at the top left and select the item Preferences… , from the menu that opens. Next, click on the Password tab , unlock the system keychain by typing your Mac password (or swiping your finger on the Touch ID , if present on your computer) and locate, in the list that appears on the screen, the Gmail account for which you forgot the access key.

When you have found it, click on it and place the mouse cursor on the Password field , located on the right, so as to make visible the access key to the service, previously covered by dots. To copy it, right-click on the field in question and select the Copy password item from the context menu that opens.

If, on the other hand, you use Safari for iPhone / iPad , you must necessarily rely on the iCloud Keychain function of iOS / iPadOS, as you will find explained in one of the subsequent steps of this guide.

How to recover Gmail password from operating system

How to recover Gmail password: operating system

If, for some reason, you have not been able to trace your Gmail password through the browser, try to check if it has been stored in the password manager integrated into the operating system. This is a rather rare occurrence, especially with Windows, but it is still worth a try. Below I’ll explain how to enter the integrated password manager of the various operating systems.

  • Windows : open the Start menu , type the words credential management in the search field and click on the first result received, labeled Control Panel . Once in the new window, click on the Web Credentials item , look for the Gmail address of your interest among those stored and, if you find it, click on it and then on the Show item , located next to the Password field . Unlock the manager using the authentication system configured on the computer (e.g. password, PIN or Windows Hello biometric recognition), to view the access key in clear text.
  • macOS : open the System Settings , by clicking on the appropriate item available in the Apple menu (the bitten apple symbol placed at the top left), press on the wording Password located on the left and unlock access to the Keychain, typing the password of the Mac or using Touch ID . Then press on the symbol (i) corresponding to the name of your Gmail account (if present) and position the mouse over the Password field , to view it in clear text.
  • Android (with Google services): go to the Settings> Google> Device Autofill menu , press the wording Google Autofill and tap on the Password item . Finally, touch the name of the Gmail account for which you want to recover the access key, to view it in clear text.
  • iPhone/iPad : open the Settings> iOS/iPadOS Password menu , unlock access to the dedicated section via Face ID, Touch ID or by entering the device code and touch the name of the Gmail account to recover. Finally, touch the password field , so that the access key “hidden” behind the dots is visible.

How to recover Gmail passwords from password managers


If you’ve used—or still use—a third-party password manager or app that’s independent of your browser or operating system, try to see if your Gmail passkey is stored there. For example, if the service in question provides cloud synchronization of the safe (e.g. NordPass , 1Password or Bitwarden ), you can use the related web service to check if, among the saved passwords, there is the one relating to the Gmail address in question .

If you are still using such a program, application or browser extension, simply open the item in question, enter your master password to open the safe (in some cases also called a vault ) and use the integrated search field , to check if the passkey for the Gmail account in question is saved. For more precise information on how third-party password managers work, try taking a look at the thematic tutorial, available on my site.

Other ways to recover Gmail access

Other ways to recover Gmail access

How do you say? Even though you followed all my advice to the letter, you weren’t able to get the result you were hoping for, as the password associated with your e-mail address is not saved anywhere? Don’t worry, you may still have a chance of gaining access to your account.

In fact, you should know that Google, as well as almost all existing online services, provides for the possibility of resetting the password of your account using a wizard: to succeed in the enterprise, a few minutes of time and access to some information are sufficient personal information, such as your phone number , any backup codes or other devices associated with the same Google account .

If the guided procedure — which you can start by connecting to this page, entering your email address and then pressing the Forgotten password link — is successful, you will have the option to change the access key to your email address, without necessarily having to remember the old one; I know, it’s not exactly what you were looking for, but it’s still a great way to not permanently lose access to your account. If you need help completing the Google password recovery, take a look at the guide in which I explained to you, in detail, how to proceed.