How to set up Hotmail in Outlook and Windows Mail

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Have you had a Microsoft email address for some time (such as one of the type @hotmail.it or @hotmail.com), and you have now learned how to view your e-mail from the web by reaching the official website of the Outlook service. Although you find this procedure very convenient, as it allows you to avoid installing software on your operating system, you believe that the Webmail service is a bit limited in terms of functionality and you are therefore thinking of installing mail management software your e-mail. About that, you would like to know how to set up Hotmail in Outlook and Windows Mailas you think these programs might be right for you.

How do you say? Did I read your mind? Are you worried because your tech skills are limited and you don’t know how to do these things? Don’t worry, I’m here and I can help you install and configure your email on official Microsoft software that fully supports all the features of your mailbox.

All you need is a few minutes of time so that you can take all the time you need to read this guide of mine. You will also need to pay close attention to the steps that I will show you to be able to correctly configure the email clients that I will tell you about. All clear? Yes? Great, then sit back, because I’m about to start. I wish you a good reading!

How to set up Hotmail in Windows Mail (Mail)

Before the advent of Windows Vista, Outlook Express was the default application for viewing messages from Microsoft mailboxes; later, the software was replaced with other programs, such as Windows Mail or Windows Live Mail. With the arrival of the Metro interface (Windows 8 and later), Microsoft’s popular email software became an application called Mail (Mail).

This application is already pre-installed on your Windows operating system, but in case you cannot find it, you can download it easily. free directly from the Microsoft Store via this link.

Once you have opened the link, a message will appear at the top asking you for confirmation for opening the link directly within the Microsoft Store; then click the button Open Microsoft Store and then click the button Get to download the application. If the message appears instead Pin to Startit means that the application is already installed on your computer.

To find it easily, open Search (icon with the symbol of a magnifying glass) that you find at the bottom left of the Application bar. Then type the wording mail and click on the corresponding search result. Once the application is open, you will need to add your Microsoft email account.

To do this, click on the entry Accounts which you find in the left sidebar; then select the button from the right sidebar Add accounts. A window will appear in which you will have to choose the e-mail service to configure with the mail application.

Then select the item outlook.com and, in the next window, select the item Microsoft account; then click the button Continues to reach a new window where you will have to enter the login data corresponding to your Microsoft e-mail account.

Then type in the field Email, phone or Skype the username with which you access your e-mail box. The username can also be a simple email address, such as mailbox@hotmail.com.

After typing it, click the button After you and enter the password associated with your account. Then click the button Log in and, in case you have activated two-step verification, select one of the methods to access your account.

If you have activated, as in my case, the two-step verification via mobile number, enter the last four digits of your number and click on the button After you.

If the operation is correct, you will receive an SMS with the code to type in the next screen; then enter the code you received and click on the button After you. If you want to connect other apps to your email account as well, click the button After youotherwise click on the wording Log in to this app only.

You will see a message confirming that your Microsoft email account has been successfully added and configured in the application Mail by Microsoft; then click the button Done to close the window.

The application Mail it is very simple and intuitive: on the left you will find all the default and personal folders in your mailbox; in the central section, however, you will see the list of all the mail messages you have received, sorted between the two tabs Highlighted And Other.

When you simply click on a message, it appears in the right-hand section of the application. The interactions you can carry out with the message are present in the top section, right above the message: for example, you can decide to reply to the message (Answers or Reply to all) or click the icon with the three horizontal dots symbol to access the menu with many other functions.

If you want to change some configuration parameters of your e-mail box on Mailyou will have to click, from the left sidebar, on the wording Accounts. A new tab will be displayed on the right side of the application where you will have to click on the item corresponding to your e-mail address.

In the window that you will need, you can decide to change the account name, delete its association with the client Mail (Delete account from this device) or change the sync settings (Change your mailbox sync settings).

By clicking on this last item, you can decide how the mail client should behave when receiving a message and you can set the limit of messages to download. You can also decide to synchronize only the Email Or sync the Calendar hey Contacts.

By default, these three items are already enabled for syncing; however, you can decide to deactivate one or more of these three elements, by moving the lever from right to left up Deactivated. When you’re done click the button Done.

How to set up Hotmail in Microsoft Outlook

If you have purchased the Microsoft Office package with Microsoft Outlook included, you can use the latter to view and compose an e-mail message in a professional way and with many tools available. If you don’t have Microsoft Outlook but are interested in using it, you can view the purchase prices via this link.

Once you have installed the software from the package, launch the program by searching for the entry Outlook from the program list Windows start. You can also search it faster through the feature Search (icon with the symbol of a magnifying glass) that you find at the bottom left of the Application bar. Then type the term outlook and click on the corresponding search result.

After launching the application, the first time you use it, you will be prompted to set up an account. Then click the button After you and select the item Yesfollowed by clicking the button After you.

In the screen that will appear you will have to configure the software by indicating the data of your e-mail account and first of all you will also have to type a name to assign to your account in the text field First name.

Then type your Microsoft account email address into the field Email address and then type the password associated with it in the fields below.

After completing the fields you see on the screen, click on the button After you and wait for a window to pop up Windows Security.

Then retype the password associated with your e-mail address and put a check mark in the box Remember credentials; then click the button Okay to confirm and continue the setup process.

If you have two-step verification activated, the procedure becomes a little more complicated. Your account password will not be accepted, so you will need to create an app password to grant Microsoft Outlook access to your email account address.

I therefore advise you to log in to the Outlook.com website and then click on this link which will redirect you to the section Safety of your account

On this new page click on the wording below More security options and type your Microsoft account password; then click the button Log in and, in the new page that will be displayed to you, scroll down the page and locate the section App password.

Then click on the item Create a new app password and note the one that was generated on the screen; this password that has been generated will then be pasted into the Microsoft Outlook window to access your account.

Before continuing, remember to check the box Remember credentials and then click the button Okay.

If everything went correctly, you will see icons with the green V symbol; then click the button end to conclude the procedure for configuring your e-mail account within the Microsoft Outlook program.

After you have launched the program, you will be able to view on the left section all the folders present within your e-mail account.

In the central section you will instead be shown all the messages present in the currently selected folder. The preview of the selected message will be displayed in the right section.

In the top bar, however, you will be able to view various tabs that will allow you to carry out operations for the messages. In tab Home in fact, you can carry out all the basic operations such as creating an e-mail message or the possibility of replying to or deleting a message; you can also use buttons Category to apply colored labels or set a message as Bed or To read.

In tab Submit/you receive instead, you can manually synchronize your e-mail or carry out some operations concerning the download of messages.

In tab Folder instead you can manage operations on individual folders, such as creating a new folder or cleaning operations on them. In tab Viewinstead, you can change the way messages are displayed in the Microsoft Outlook interface.