How to set up Hotmail on Android

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You have a Hotmail email address and would like to be able to manage all your email correspondence directly from your smartphone or tablet android? If the answer is “yes” but you really don’t know where to get your hands, I have good, indeed excellent news for you: you’ve come to the right place at the right time.

In the following lines, in fact, I will explain to you how to setup hotmail on android quickly and easily. Depending on your needs, you can choose whether to configure your mailbox using the official Microsoft app or whether to continue using the email app you’re used to using: it’s up to you to choose the solution you think might be more suitable for you. your needs.

Therefore, I invite you to take a few minutes of free time and concentrate on reading what I am about to propose to you: you will see that, in the end, you will be able to say that you are more than satisfied with the result obtained. That said, there’s nothing left for me to do but wish you good continuation!


How to set up Hotmail on Android: Outlook app

How to set up Hotmail on Android: Outlook app

The easiest way to set up Hotmail on Android is to employ the official Outlook app available for free both on the Play Store and on alternative markets for devices not equipped with Google services. Being a Microsoft app, Outlook offers full compatibility with Hotmail/Live/Outlook e-mail addresses and is able to complete the configuration completely automatically, without having to enter parameters manually.

To download the app, open it reference store of your mobile device, use the function of research to locate the name of the application, and when you have found it, tap on its first icon and then on the button Install, residing on the next screen. Once the download is complete, press the button You open to launch the application.

Having reached the main Outlook screen, press the button Add accounts and, if the account is already saved on the device (which happens, for example, when other Microsoft apps with the same profile have already been configured), put the check mark next to it first name and press the button Continuesto complete the configuration of the mail address.

If the mailbox of your interest is not already configured, enter your email address Hotmail in the appropriate field, tap the button Continues and, when prompted, enter the password of the account in the appropriate field. Once this is done, tap the button Log in and wait a few moments for access to the mailbox to be completed; If you have two-factor authentication enabled, you may be prompted for the second passcode delivered via text message, alternate email address, or the Authenticator app.

If everything went smoothly, you should immediately access the inbox for the configured Hotmail account. To define options for syncing items (contacts, calendars, etc.), tap the your avatar or the symbol of cottage located in the upper left corner of the Outlook app, tap thegear residing in the next panel and then on first name of the newly configured mailbox.

Through the next screen, you can choose whether or not to synchronize contacts or calendars, whether or not to block external images and define, in general, the remaining mailbox options. Back then to the panel Settings of Outlook, you can also choose when (and how) to receive emails notificationsdefine the default account with which to send email messages (if more than one profile has been associated with the app) and, finally, define a signature for outgoing mail.

If you want to know more about how to use the Outlook for Android application, don’t hesitate to read the specific tutorial I’ve dedicated to the topic.

How to set up Hotmail on Android: Gmail app

How to set up Hotmail on Android: Gmail app

If you wish, you can also configure your Hotmail email within the application Gmail, pre-installed and configured on almost all Android devices with Google services; if you don’t have it, you can still get it for free from Play Store.

To proceed, after starting the app in question, tap on your avatar located at the top right, select the item Add another account from the menu that appears and then tap on the item Outlook, Hotmail and Live, residing on the next screen. Now, enter theemail address Hotmail to be configured in the appropriate field, tap the button After youtype the password of the mailbox and tap on the button Log in.

Now, allow the Gmail app to access your mailbox and your information by pressing the button Yes that appears on the next screen and wait for the mailbox to be configured within the app. Next, define the sync frequency messages using the dedicated drop-down menu, choose whether or not to receive the email notificationsself whether or not to sync emails what if Automatically download attachments when connected to a Wi-Fi network.

How to set up Hotmail on Android: Gmail app

Finally, tap the button After youindicates the name to associate with the account just configured, specify the Your name in the mailbox immediately below (the one with which you will be identified in the outgoing mail) and complete the configuration by touching the button again After you. If everything went smoothly, you should return to the main Gmail mailbox; To switch between accounts, tap your account picture profile located at the top right and then on first name of the Hotmail account you just set up.

If you want to define other options for the Hotmail mailbox (signature, sync, etc.), tap the ☰ button located in the upper left corner of the app Gmailselect the item Settings from the menu that appears and select theHotmail email to configure. Finally, make the changes you prefer using the buttons, menus and options residing on the next screen. More info here.

How to set up Hotmail on Android: other email clients

How to set up Hotmail on Android

How do you say? Are you used to using a different email app than the ones I explained above? Not bad: you will be pleased to know, in fact, that it is possible to proceed with the configuration of the e-mail addresses Hotmail (and, in general, with all those provided by Microsoft, including the Outlook) on almost all Android email clients.

Although each application has different menus and options, the procedure is almost always the same: find the option for add a new account (usually found in the app’s main menu or in the Accounts/Mailboxes section), enter the credentials of the Hotmail mailbox and wait for the configuration to be completed automatically, defining, if necessary, any sync options for contacts and calendars.

However, it may happen that the e-mail server parameters are not automatically recognized: in this case, a form to be filled in should appear, in charge of manually entering the IMAP parameters (theoretically there would also be the POP protocol, but you I do not recommend it, as it is now obsolete and does not allow you to synchronize mail on multiple devices). The form must be completed with the information that I list below.

  • IMAP server name (incoming mail): outlook.office365.com
  • IMAP port (incoming mail): 993
  • IMAP encryption method (incoming mail): TLS extension
  • SMTP server name (outgoing mail): smtp-mail.outlook.com
  • SMTP port (outgoing mail): 587
  • SMTP encryption method (outgoing mail): STARTTLS extension
  • Username And password: the same ones used to access e-mail.

For more information on the subject and to find out how to read Hotmail mail on other software platforms, take a look at the tutorial I dedicated to the subject.