How to set up Hotmail on iPhone

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Having the need to change smartphones, you have decided to take the plunge and buy your first one iPhones. Once you got home, you completed setting up the device without encountering any kind of problem: unfortunately, however, you didn’t have the same luck when, to set up a new mailbox and synchronize the related emails, you tried to add your account Hotmail.

That’s the way it is, am I right? Then let me help you out and explain how to setup hotmail on iphone. If you give me a few minutes of your free time, I can in fact show you the detailed procedure for adding a new mailbox via Mail, the “standard” email management app installed on the iPhone (as well as on the iPad and Mac) . Subsequently, you will find instructions for adding a Hotmail account also using Microsoft Outlook, the official mail management app of the Redmond giant.

How do you say? Is that exactly what you wanted to know? So let’s not go any further and let’s see together how to proceed. Make yourself comfortable, take all the time you deem appropriate and dedicate yourself to reading the next paragraphs. By following my instructions carefully and trying to put them into practice, I assure you that configuring a Hotmail address on the iPhone will really be child’s play. Happy reading and good luck with everything!

How to set up Hotmail on iPhone with Mail

Apple Mail

For set up Hotmail on iPhone you can rely on Mail, the application pre-installed on every device of the “bitten apple”. It supports numerous email providers (in addition to Hotmail, iCloud, Gmail, Yahoo and many more) and even allows you to set up and manage multiple accounts at the same time.

If you think this is a good solution to add your mailbox on iPhone, access the Settings iOS by pressing the icon gear wheel that you find on the Home screen, tap on the item Mail and, in the new screen that appears, select the option Accounts.

Now, press on the item Add accountsselect the option outlook.comtype your Hotmail address in the field Email, phone or Skype and tap the button After you. Then insert the password associated with your email in the appropriate field, press the button Log in and, in the screen Allow app access?choose the option Yesto allow Mail to access your inbox and start synchronizing messages.

Finally, choose which items to sync between the Microsoft account and your iPhone between Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Memorandum And Note (to avoid synchronisation, move the switch relative to the option to deactivate from ON to OFF) and press the button Save.

If you wish, on the screen Accountsby tapping onemail address just added and selecting the item Emails to syncyou can change the frequency of synchronization of messages by placing a check mark next to the option of your interest between No limit, 1 day, Three days, 1 week, 2 weeks And 1 month.

Pressing, instead, on the voice Accountsyou can customize the name to be assigned to the mailbox by changing the one visible in the field Descriptionwhile accessing the section Advanced settings you can also choose where to move messages once deleted (Mailbox deleted or Storage box), self save drafts on the server and configure one personalized signature for messages sent from your Hotmail account.

Personalize Mail

After completing the configuration and customization of your Hotmail account on the iPhone, start the Mail app by tapping on its icon (the white envelope on light blue background) and hopefully you should see the Hotmail account you just added in the section Boxes. To learn more, you can check out my guide on how to set up Mail on iPhone.

For completeness of information, I want to emphasize that it is possible to configure Hotmail on iPhone manually. To do this, in the section Mail from the Settings of iOS, select the options Accounts And Add accounts and press on the items Other And Add Mail account.

In the new screen that appears, enter all the required data in the fields First name, E-mail, Password And Description and tap the button After you, top right. If the account is recognized automatically, you can proceed with its customization as I indicated in the previous paragraphs. If not, you’ll need to manually enter i POP/IMAP parameters related to your Hotmail account. For the detailed procedure, I leave you to my guide on how to add emails on iPhone.

How to set up Hotmail on iPhone with Outlook


How do you say? Would you set up Hotmail on iPhone with Outlook? If so, you’ll be glad to know that Microsoft Outlook it is also available for free for iOS and allows not only the configuration of Hotmail accounts (and Microsoft in general) but also of other e-mail providers, such as Gmail, Yahoo and iCloud.

After downloading Outlook from the App Store, launch the app in question, enter the Hotmail address to be configured in the field Email address and tap the button Add accounts. In the screen Enter your passwordtype the password associated with the account in question in the appropriate field and press the button Log in.

Once this is done, tap on the entry After youchoose whether to contribute to the improvement of the service by sending diagnostic data and the use of Outlook by selecting the option of your interest among Accept And Decline and press on the buttons Continue to Outlook And Laterto finish setting up Hotmail and avoid adding any other accounts.

To personalize your mailbox, click on yours photo (or on the initial letter of your nameif you have not customized your Microsoft account), at the top left of the Outlook main screen, and tap the icon gear wheel.

In the screen Settingsnear the entry Mailyou can customize the notifications of Outlook, change the signature to be sent at the bottom of your messages (in this regard, my guide on how to change your signature in Outlook might be useful) and change other options (Inbox highlighted, Swipe options, Organize by threads etc.).

Instead, pressing theHotmail address indicated in the section Email accounts, you can change the name assigned to your mailbox and activate other features, such as the ability to set Outlook’s automatic reply. To learn more, you can refer to my guide on how Outlook works.

Other apps to set up Hotmail on iPhone


In addition to the solutions that I have indicated to you in the previous paragraphs of this guide, you should know that they exist other apps to set up Hotmail on iPhone. Here, then, is a further list of e-mail applications that you can download and use on your “iPhone by”.

  • Gmail — is the official Gmail application which, unlike what many think, also allows the configuration of other email providers, including Hotmail. In this regard, my guide on how to add a non-Gmail account to Gmail may be useful.
  • Spark Mail — is a free app developed by Readdle, a well-known software house specializing in productivity software, which allows you to configure and manage email addresses from different providers. It supports all major email services, integrates its own calendar and other interesting features. Beware of the privacy side though: to provide push notifications and cloud-based functions (eg postponed sending of messages), Spark Mail stores messages and email account access tokens on its servers.
  • Airmail — is one of the most downloaded and used email apps on the iPhone. It supports all popular email services and is basically free. To be able to add more than one e-mail account, customize the graphic appearance and have additional functions, you can activate the subscription version (2.99 euros/month or 9.99 euros/year). The privacy considerations made for Spark also apply to this app.