How to sign out of gmail on Windows Android mac {Easy Way 2023}

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How to sign out of gmail on Windows Android mac-It’s business as usual: you left the computer on in the kitchen and your children made the usual mess by sending meaningless emails to all your contacts, including your employer! If you want to prevent the episode from repeating itself again, you must try to run for cover immediately, at least by logging out of your Gmail account (if you really want to leave your PC ready for use). How do you say? Not being very tech savvy, are you worried you don’t know how to sign out of Gmail ? So let me tell you how to proceed!

In today’s guide, in fact, you can find a comprehensive explanation on how to log out of your Gmail account both from the official app of the service for smartphones and tablets (Android and iOS/iPadOS) and from the Webmail of the well-known “made in” mail service. Mountain View”. For completeness of information, then, I will also explain how to act from the main mail clients, as well as how to disconnect your account remotely.

So, are you ready to get started? Yes? Very good! Make yourself comfortable, take all the time necessary to concentrate on reading the next paragraphs and, more importantly, implement the “tips” that I will give you. You’ll see, logging out of Gmail will be a breeze. I wish you a good read and, above all, have fun!

How to sign out of gmail on App Windows Android Mac

Want to know how to sign out of Gmail on Android and iOS/iPadOS ? Then the indications to which you must comply are those indicated below.

How to Sign Out of Gmail on Android

How to Sign Out of Gmail on Android

Let’s start with the procedure for logging out on Android devices . In this case, given the deep integration between the Google account and the operating system, the only way to log out of the Gmail app is to remove the account directly from the device settings, or stop synchronizing it.

In this regard, I would like to point out that when a Google account is removed, it is disconnected from all other apps installed on the device: therefore, I advise you to perform this operation only if you want to temporarily lend your smartphone or tablet to other people. If, on the other hand, you simply want to switch from one account to another, I suggest you add an account (as I indicated in another tutorial).

To proceed with removing an account from Gmail, start the app of the famous email service and tap on the icon with your profile picture (or your initials) at the top right; now, press on the item Manage accounts on this device . You will then be automatically redirected to the Settings of your smartphone or tablet. Alternatively, you can simply access the Settings by pressing the gear icon located on the Home screen or in the drawer of the device.

At this point, press on the items Account and Synchronization (this path may vary depending on the model of the device you are using; another possible sequence is About the phone> Google Account> Synchronization account ).

So, tap on the Google item : here you can select the account you want to remove by pressing on it, and on the next screen, press the ⋮ button to open the relevant menu. Here, finally, tap on the Remove account item .

I would like to remind you that removing a Google Account from a device will sign you out of all services connected to it, including the Play Store and all other Google tools such as Docs and Sheets , Contacts and the Google Drive cloud storage service and many more: think carefully before carrying out this procedure. If you want more information on what it takes to remove a Google account on Android (and how to do it), take a look at the insight I just linked to you.

A less drastic solution is the interruption of Gmail data synchronization : to do this, once you open the same Settings section dedicated to Google accounts, you can simply press on the account name to access the list of services connected to it. So, locate the Gmail entry and tap on it to remove the check mark and thus disable data synchronization. This will stop your messages from syncing, but your account will remain set up on your phone and in the Gmail app.

How to sign out of Gmail on iPad and iPhone

How to sign out of Gmail on iPad and iPhone

Want to log out of Gmail on your iPhone or iPad ? First start the official Gmail app, press your profile picture or your initials at the top left and tap the item Manage accounts on this device .

In the menu that opens, press the Remove from this device button next to the selected account and confirm the operation by tapping the Remove item again .

How to Sign Out of Gmail on PC

Gmail can be used on a PC both via the browser and through the various email clients available for Windows and macOS : in the following paragraphs, I will therefore explain how to exit Gmail from a PC in each of these ways.

How to sign out of Gmail from browser

How to sign out of Gmail from browser (1)

Would you like to log out of Gmail from your browser ? I guarantee you that even in this case the operation you need to perform is very simple.

To log out of Gmail, connected to your browser inbox, click on your profile photo (or on the initial of your name , if you have not yet added one) and press the Exit button in the menu that opens.

If you have saved the account in the browser in use and now want to remove it, click on the Login button on the main Gmail page and, on the page that opens, press the Remove an account button , click on the (-) symbol located at of the account you want to remove and, finally, click on the item Yes , remove from the notice that appears on the screen.

The next time you want to access your Gmail account from the browser in question, you will have to log in to your account again by manually typing in your email and password.

If you have accessed Gmail via the Web from a computer other than yours and have forgotten to log out, you can remedy the situation by logging out of the device in question according to the procedure that I will illustrate to you in the chapter dedicated to how to log out of gmail remotely.

How to sign out of Gmail from client

How to sign out of Gmail from client

Would you like to exit Gmail by removing the account you added on the client you usually use to check and manage your email? I assure you that there is nothing complicated in doing this: if you were able to add your account to the client, I don’t see why you shouldn’t be able to do the reverse. Here are the instructions to follow on the main mail clients.

  • Microsoft Outlook — to sign out of Gmail from Outlook, you need to remove your account from the program. If you have installed the client on Windows , start the procedure by pressing the File button located at the top left, then select the Account Settings item and click on the Account Settings… item . Now, choose the Gmail account you want to remove, select the Remove item and click on the Yes item to confirm the operation. On Android and iOS, you can remove an account from the Outlook app by pressing the ☰ icon, then the gear icon, selecting your Gmail account from the menu that opens and tapping the Delete account item .
  • Windows Mail – if you use Mail for Windows 11 , start the application and click on the ☰ icon located at the top right, then press the Account item and select the Gmail account you want to remove; at this point, click on the item Delete this account from the device and confirm. If you use Windows 10 Mail , press the ☰ icon instead and then the Account item , then right-click on the email address you are interested in removing and choose the Account settings > Delete account > Delete options .
  • Mozilla Thunderbird — Even in Thunderbird, you need to remove your account to sign out of Gmail. To do this, open the client, right-click on the email address you want to delete (e.g. example@gmail.com ) and select the Settings item . In the window that opens, press the Account Actions button located at the bottom left, select the item Delete account and, in the window that opens, answer Delete to the question Delete the account “example@gmail.com”?. If everything went the right way, you will see a message on the screen telling you that the operation was successful: press the OK button to close it.
  • Apple Mail — if you use Mail on a Mac , go to System Preferences (the gear icon located on the Dock), press the Internet Accounts item (the @ icon), select the Google item from the left menu and then remove check the Mail item to remove the Gmail account from the client installed “standard” on macOS (by pressing the [–] button and then the OK button , however, you will delete all data of your Google account from the Mac). On iPhone and iPad , go to the Settings app (the gray icon with thegear located on the Home screen), press the items Mail> Account , touch the item Gmail and move the switch located in correspondence to the item Mail to OFF or on the items Delete account> Delete to completely remove the Google account from your device.

How to sign out of Gmail remotely

How to sign out of Gmail remotely

Maybe you’re wondering if it’s possible to remove a Gmail account remotely from a device you previously used to access the service: know that the answer is yes. You can do this by simply going to the settings page of your Google account and performing the procedure for one of the devices listed.

To do this, connect to this Google account page, click on the Security item , on the side, to access the relevant tab. Now scroll down the page that has opened and locate the Your devices section .

Now, click on the item Manage devices and, on the page that opens, locate the device from which you want to remove your account. Click on his name (e.g. Salvatore’s iPad ), press the button ⁝, at the top right, in the relative section: in the menu that opens, click on the Exit item , confirm the operation by clicking again on the Exit item and, finally , on Ok .

If, on the other hand, you would like to know how to exit Gmail on all devices , you can do this from the same page, simply by deleting all devices one at a time.

If you want to go quicker, you can also find information about connected devices in the Devices section of this page. By clicking on the Details item at the bottom right of the Gmail Webmail, you can view (but not close) the open Gmail sessions.

In case you want to access your account again from the device you have disconnected, you will need to log in again.

How to permanently delete gmail account

How to permanently delete gmail account

Do you want to exit Gmail, in the sense of permanently deleting your account ? Whatever the motivation that prompted you to take this drastic decision, I invite you to think carefully before proceeding with the actual cancellation of your account, since this operation is irreversible.

You can, however, close the Gmail address without completely deleting your Google account and thus losing access to other services and data associated with it. To find out more, I invite you to read the guide in which I explain in depth how to unsubscribe from Gmail: there you can find useful information on how to carry out the backup procedure (thanks to which you save the contacts and documents associated with your Google account) and cancellation actual account.