How to turn down the volume on Google Meet

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In recent times, more and more frequently, you and your group of colleagues use Google Meet for your business meetings. Every time you access videoconferences, however, the audio of the same is excessively loud, so as to annoy those in your vicinity and effectively preventing you from concentrating on what is being said.

You’ve already taken a good look at the service interface on your web browser and there doesn’t seem to be even the shadow of a specific command that can allow you to solve the problem. I understood the situation perfectly, there’s no need to add anything else: the advice I can give you, for now, is to keep reading this tutorial.

In the following lines, in fact, you will find exactly explained how to turn down the volume on google meet. I can anticipate that the operation is rather immediate if you use Meet on a smartphone or tablet, while on a computer there will be a few more steps (nothing complex, you can rest assured). I assure you that with my “tips” you will finally be able to use the platform in complete tranquility. What are you waiting for then? Begin to settle down comfortably and continue with the next few lines. I wish you a good read and I wish you a big good luck for everything!

How to turn down the volume on Google Meet: computer

Google Meet Windows audio

As for the version computer Of meet, which is accessible only from the browser via the official website of the service, you should know that the developers have not implemented any specific function that allows you to adjust the audio of video conferences. If, therefore, you are wondering how to turn down the volume on google meet on a computer, the most immediate solution, in this case, is to directly exploit the audio control settings of the operating system you use.

Once you are participating in a video conference on Meet (I explained how to do it here), if yours is a PC windowsyou can lower the volume of the audio (Meet only and not the general system one) by doing right click on the iconspeaker placed in the notification area (bottom right, next to the system clock) and then on the item Open Volume Mixer present in the context menu. If you don’t see the speaker icon, click it arrow pointing up that you always find in the lower right corner of the screen: you will find it in the box that has opened.

A window will appear with various controls related to the audio of the devices, operating system and programs that are running at the moment. To mute Meet, simply press and hold the left button mouse overindicator place on bar under thebrowser icon on which you are using Meet and move the indicator downwards.

If you have connected several audio output devices to your computer, repeat the last step by first selecting the device for which you want to adjust the volume. Then click on the voice shown in the section Device and then click on the first name of what interests you from the context menu that opens. Really simple, agree?

If you’re using a laptop, you can also turn the volume down by pressing theloudspeaker with a single sound wave or the symbol (-) This should be at the top (but this will also lower the overall system audio volume).

If, on the other hand, you use a Macyou can adjust the volume by clicking on the icon multifunction present at the top right of the menu bar (the one with the two levers) and moving the indicator of Sound in the box that opens. Alternatively you can also use the keys Volume + And Volume – of the keyboard. For more details on these procedures see my tutorial on how to set up computer audio.


In the way I just described, on Mac, you will also lower the system audio. Instead, if you want to mitigate only Meet’s, you’ll need to take advantage of a third-party solution. On the Net there are several applications ed browser extensions which you can use in this case.

Speaking of extensions, I can recommend a rather valid and free one that you can add to Chrome, Edge and more generally to all Chromium-based browsers: Master volume. The latter will allow you to adjust the volume of the audio played via the browser in an instant.

I remind you that it is aunofficial extensiontherefore, could stop working properly at any moment and, although there are no reasons to doubt the good faith of the developers, it could present potential privacy risks. Use it only when absolutely necessary.

That said, to download this extension, simply visit this page and click the button add and then on the button Add extension to confirm. Once this is done, to adjust the volume of a video conference if you use Chromejust click on the icon puzzle at the top right and click on the item Master volumethen adjust the volume by moving theindicator on the bar you see in the top panel. If you use edgepress the icon of three sound waves at the top right and adjust theindicator as I just showed you. It took a while, right?

How do you say? You would also like to know how adjust the volume of your microphone, so you can change your volume in Meet conversations? No problem, I’ll settle you immediately. If you use a Windows PCsopen the control Panel classic by looking for it in start.

Windows microphone

Once open, click on the item Audio and, in the tab that opens, click on the entry Registration placed at the top. Proceed by clicking the right key mouse over microphone name you are using and then press on the item Property. In the latter tab, click on the entry Levels and move to the left theindicator under the voice Microphone to turn down the microphone volume.

Mac microphone

If what you are using is a MacApril System Preferences (the gear icon found in the Dock or Launchpad) and click on the entry Sound. Then click on the item Entrance at the top right, then select the microphone name you use from the card’s central pane and move theindicator next to the entry Input volume. For more details on these procedures, I refer you to my tutorial on how to adjust the microphone volume.

Returning to the Google Meet interface, you should know that it is possible too mute your microphone completely through the latter. To do this, just click on the icon microphone placed under the screen of the video stream coming from your webcam (the microphone icon should become red and the related symbol crossed out. Read more here.

Mute Google Meet microphone

Moreover, on Meet it is possible too completely mute the other participants’ microphones to the video call (however this is feasible only if you are organizers of the conversation). Want to know how it’s done? Simple: once you have the Google Meet screen in front of you, click on the icon two little men placed at the bottom right and, in the list of participants that opens, press on the icon placed next to the name of the one you want to silence, then confirm by pressing on the item Mute. Easy, right?

If you use the browser Chromeyou can too mute the card completely in which you opened Google Meet (in this case, therefore, the audio of the video call will be completely “muted”). To do this, click with the right key mouse over form where you opened Meet and, from the context menu, click on the entry Mute the site.

Once you want to go back to listening to the audio click again right key on the form and press on the item Unmute the site. A breeze, do you agree? To learn more about this procedure, check out my guide on how to turn down the volume on a Chrome tab.

How to turn down the volume on Google Meet: smartphones and tablets

Google Meet app

L’application Of Google Meet for smartphones and tablets, which offers roughly the same functionality as the desktop counterpart I’ve told you about so far, it also allows you to adjust the volume of theaudio of the videoconferences in which you participate. The app is available for free for both androidboth for iOS/iPadOS.

Once started, you can start a video call by tapping the button New meeting and then on the button Start a meeting now (then share the link you see on the page to invite new participants). Alternatively, you can join a meeting created by other users by tapping on links that these have sent to you or on the button Join with a codeon the main page of the app.

After accessing the video call, to adjust the volume of the latter, all you have to do is press the button Volume (-), just like you normally do to turn down the system audio volume. If you notice that the audio volume remains unchanged, press the phone icon at the top right and, from the menu that opens, tap the speaker item and then adjust the volume as I just indicated. If the volume feels too low for you, you can turn it up again by pressing the button Volume (+). That’s all!

You should also know that you can on Meet mute your microphone and that of the other participants to the video call (in the latter case you must necessarily be themanager of the same to proceed in this sense).

Mute Meet's microphone

If you mean mute your microphoneonce you have the Meet video call interface in front of you, all you need to do is tap the icon microphone that you find at the bottom (the latter should become red once the microphone has been successfully muted). If, on the other hand, you want to mute the microphone of one of the participants in the video conference, press on first name of the videoconference located at the top left.

After that, tap on first name of the person whose microphone you want to mute and then press the icon placed next to the name itself. From here, tap on the entry Mute to confirm. Read more here.

Finally, if you’re wondering if it’s possible adjust the microphone volume from the Meet app for smartphones and tablets, unfortunately I have to inform you that this is currently not possible.