How to turn on audio in Google Meet

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You have just started a new virtual meeting on meet, the popular video conferencing platform from Google. The other participants in the meeting report that they cannot hear either theaudio coming from your microphone nor that of your presentation and you, being the first time you use this tool, don’t have the faintest idea of ​​how to solve the problem.

In short, if I understand correctly, you really need help immediately to understand how to turn on audio in Meet, Right? Perfect, then I think I have just the thing for you. Just continue reading the next few lines and, in a short time, everyone should be able to hear what you say in the conference without any problems.

I will explain in detail how to enable the audio of your microphone and that of your presentation, both on the browser version of the service and on the Google Meet app. I assure you that everything is much easier than you can imagine, you just need to know where to click (or tap). Having said that, I won’t steal any more of your precious time and I’ll let you get down to business right away. Happy reading and good luck with everything!

How to mute Meet from your computer

Google Meet computers

In the next chapters, I’m going to show you as clearly as possible How to mute Meet from computer, operating from the Web version of the service, accessible from any supported browser. The method to activate is the sound of your own microphone both that of the presentation it is disarmingly simple. Here are all the details.

How to activate the microphone in Meet from the computer

Meet computer microphone

If you agree, I’d start by explaining how to activate yours microphone during a video conference on meet. If this is your first time using the service, after connecting to its official page, logging in with your Google account and starting a new video call (by pressing the button New meeting or after you join via links or participation code to a video conference started by another user), you will see the message Allow Meet to use your camera and microphone.

Then press the button Allow to provide the necessary permission. Once this is done, from now on, just click on the icon microphone placed at the bottom: if the latter is shown in red, you will activate the microphone; if, however, it is shown in grey and the microphone symbol is not crossed out, it means that the audio coming from it is already active and therefore you don’t have to do anything.

If other users report that they can’t hear you when you speak, click the icon placed at the bottom and then press on the item Settings.

Under the heading Microphoneso make sure that the is shown first name of the microphone you are using and, if not, click on the first name that is displayed and, from the menu that opens, select the microphone you intend to use.

Meet computer microphone

If the microphone you have selected works correctly, the icon will appear every time you speak near it in blue it will animate. How do you say? Not sure if you connected the microphone to your computer correctly? No problem, in this case consult the tutorial I wrote on this very topic.

I inform you that your own microphone can also be activated with some simple key combinations. If you use a PC windowsto activate the microphone, just press the keys Ctrl+Dwhile, if yours is a Macuse the combination cmd+d. Really comfortable, right?

if you are themanager of the videoconference, you also have the option of muting the microphone of the other participants but, once you have done this, only the participant you have muted can subsequently reactivate their microphone.

For mute a participantclick the video icon two little men located at the bottom right of the Meet video call screen. After that click on the icon placed next to participant name whose microphone you want to disable and, finally, press on the entry Mute. For all the other details on these procedures, I refer you to my tutorial on how to activate the microphone in Meet. Also, I also suggest you take a look at my guide on how to turn down the Meet volume (where I also explained how to adjust the microphone volume).

How to mute your presentation in Meet from your computer

Meet computer presentation

You are wondering how to turn on audio in Meetintended as audio of a presentation? I’ll try to answer you right away: it’s a really immediate operation. Before proceeding in this sense, however, it would be better to make a clarification: in fact, you must know that, at the moment, the flow audio of one’s own presentation can only be transmitted provided that it comes from a card browsers.

To give you a practical example, you can stream audio from a YouTube video (opened in a browser tab), but not from a program open on your computer. If you are interested in knowing also how to mute presentation on meet macjust follow the instructions I am about to give you (I warn you, however, that on Safari it is only possible to broadcast the full screen of the computer; therefore, if you intend to present with audio on Meet, use a browser other than Apple’s, e.g. Chrome).

Having said that, let’s proceed with the instructions. Once you’ve connected to the official Meet site and started a video conference (or joined an existing one via links or participation code) starts presenting, by clicking on the button with the icon of rectangle and up arrow placed at the bottom (this is the voice Submit now). In the menu that appears to you, then click on the item A tab.

Then click on the name of the browser tab containing the element you intend to present, then make sure that the checkbox next to the item is ticked Share audio, below: if not, just click on the box itself to fix it. Finally, press the button Share.

Done! Now all video call participants can hear the audio of your presentation. If you intend to deactivate the latter for a moment, all you have to do is click on theswitch placed at the top, next to the item Presentation audio. If you want to unmute later, click on it again switchto move the lever up ON, And that’s it. If you run into any problems while following these steps, check out my tutorial on how to unmute your PC.

How to turn on audio on Meet from smartphone

Google Meet smartphones

As you may already know, regarding mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) meet is only available through app downloadable on Android and iPhone/iPad. Enabling the audio of your microphone is, also in this case, really simple. As for the audio of the presentation, however, there will be a separate discussion. Find it all explained below.

How to mute the microphone in Meet from your phone

Google Meet microphone app

To activate the microphone on theMeet app first of all, it is necessary to grant the latter the necessary permissions. If this is your first time using the app in question, after logging in with a Google account, if you use a device androidpress the button Allow to the question Allow Meet to record audio?. If, on the other hand, you use a iPhones or a iPadsAnswers Okay to the aforementioned request.

At this point, once you have created a new video conference (by pressing the button New meeting) or joined an already existing one (via special links or by pressing the button Join with a code), the microphone should already be active. If not, just tap on the icon microphone placed at the bottom (if the latter is shown in red, if it is the same it is grey, otherwise, do not press anything). Easier than that?!

if you are themanager of the video call, you can also mute the audio coming from the microphone of the other participants by tapping on meeting name located at the top left and then pressing on the icon placed at the participant name you want to mute. From here, tap on the item Mute and that’s it (in this case, only the user you muted will then be able to reactivate their microphone).

How do you say? Want to know if it’s possible too adjust the microphone volume in the Meet app? Unfortunately I have to tell you that this option is not currently available. For all the other details on what I have just explained to you, do not hesitate to consult my tutorial on how to enable the microphone in Meet.

How to mute your presentation in Meet from your phone

Google Meet presentation app

I must warn you that, at the moment, the option for present on Google Meet with audio it is available exclusively for the browser variant of the service, which I told you about earlier. This means, therefore, that you have the possibility to show the other participants in a video call what is happening on the screen of your smartphone or tablet (notifications included) but you cannot transmit the audio of your device.

How do you say? Still interested in knowing how to present on Meet from the platform app? I’ll gladly settle you. Once you have started a video call by pressing the button New meetingor have joined a video call initiated by others via a link or participation code, tap the icon at the bottom right, then select items Share screen And Start sharing.

Finally, confirm by pressing the button Start now. That’s all! For more details on this, I recommend my tutorials on how to present on Meet and how to activate the audio of the presentation on Meet.