How to update Gmail on Android Iphone Free {Update 2023}

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At work all your colleagues use update Gmail to manage e-mail and, recently, you were told about a new feature introduced following a new update. However, this feature is not present on your device since you are still using an old version of Gmail: for this reason, you would like to update the app in question but, not knowing how to proceed, you would like my help to succeed in your attempt.

If things are as I have just described, I will be happy to give you a hand and explain how to update gmail. In the next paragraphs of this guide, in fact, you will find the detailed procedure for checking for the availability of a new update and the instructions necessary for downloading and installing the latest available version of the famous Google application.

If you agree, let’s not waste any more precious time and get to the heart of this tutorial. Make yourself comfortable, take all the time you deem appropriate and dedicate yourself to reading the next few lines. I am sure that by following my instructions and trying to put them into practice, you will be able to get the new version of Gmail without too much difficulty. Enjoy the reading!

How to update Gmail app on Android

For update Gmail on smartphones and tablets, all you have to do is open the reference store page of your device dedicated to the app in question and, if a new update is available, press the button to start downloading and installing it. Find everything explained in detail right below.

How to update Gmail on Android

Android Gmail

If you have a device androidopen the Gmail page on the Play Store and, first, check for the availability of a new update: if you see the option You openit means that you are already using the latest version of the famous Google app.

If, on the other hand, you see the entry Update, it means that a new update has been released and, by pressing the button in question, you can start its download and installation. Optionally, selecting the option Noveltyyou can also see in detail what’s new in the latest version of the app, including any new features.

Alternatively, you should know that you can also update Gmail by proceeding directly from play store. In this case, tap on the icon (the colored ▶︎ symbol) on the home screen or in the app drawer, press on your phototop right, and access the section Manage apps and device.

Now, tap on the item Updates availablelocate the section App and, if available, press the button Update relating to Gmail. Then wait for the progress bar to reach 100% for the new version of the app to download and install on your device.

I would like to point out that you can also activate automatic updates so that it is no longer necessary to check for new updates every time and proceed with the download manually. Note, however, that there is no option to enable Gmail auto-update exclusively, and activating this option will enable updates for all applications installed on your device.

If you still intend to proceed, start the Play Store again, press on yours photo and select the item Settings. In the new screen that appears, tap on the items Network Preferences And Automatic app update and put a check mark next to the option you prefer: Only over Wi-Fito allow automatic updates only when connected to a Wi-Fi network, or On any networkto enable updates also via data connection.

You have a android device without play store? In this case, most likely you have downloaded and installed Gmail through an app that allows you to have Google services even on a device that is marketed without. In this case you must use the “sandboxed” Play Store that you find on your device (in the app you used to install Google services and access the Play Store). For all the details, I refer you to my tutorials on how to install the Play Store on Huawei and how to update apps without the Play Store.

How to update Gmail on iPhone/iPad

Gmail iPhone

If you have a iPhones or a iPadsto update Gmail, open the App Store page dedicated to the app in question and tap the button Updateto start downloading and installing the latest available version of Gmail.

Again, you can of course manually start theApp Store by pressing on its icon (the White “A” on a light blue background), press on your phototop right, and check if in the section Updates available there is a new Gmail update: if available, tap the button Update to start the download.

If you prefer to enable automatic updates of all applications installed on your iPhone/iPad, access the Settings iOS/iPadOS by pressing the icon gear wheel present on the Home screen, tap on the item App Store and, in the section Automatic downloadsmove the switch for the option App Updates from OFF to ON.

By doing this, when your device is connected to a Wi-Fi network and new updates are available, they will automatically download and install. Enabling the option Automatic downloads available in the section Cellular data, you can also turn on automatic updates when using a data connection. To learn more, I leave you with my guide on how to update apps on the iPhone.

How to update Gmail on PC


As you well know, Gmail mail can also be accessed by computersimply by connecting to the main page of the service via browser.

In the case of new features or interface updates, you should know that the web version of Gmail is automatically updated and no user intervention is required.

How to update Gmail mail


If your intention is update Gmail maili.e. forcing your mailbox to be updated to view any new incoming emails without waiting for the automatic download, you must know that the procedure for doing this varies according to the device in use.

From smartphones and tablets, start the Gmail app and, on the main screen of the latter, swipe from top to bottom. By doing so, you will see an icon appear arrow for a few moments and your inbox will be refreshed.

By computerhowever, all you have to do is connect to the main page of the service and click on the icon arrowlocated under the field Search mail.

How to update Gmail contacts

Gmail contacts

The contacts on your device are synchronized with your Gmail account, provided that you have correctly activated this option.

On androidgo to the menu Settings > Accounts > Googletap on the item that refers to the name of your Google account and make sure that the switch is on Sync contacts is set to ON.

On iPhones/iPads you must have added your google account from Settings of iOS/iPad (you can do it from the section Mailby pressing on the options Accounts And Add accounts) and, proceeding from the same screen, you must make sure you have enabled contact synchronization by moving the lever relating to the item Contacts from OFF to ON.

Once this is done, you can manage and edit your contacts from the Contacts app on your device. To learn more, you can take a look at my guides on how to find Gmail contacts and how to synchronize address book with Gmail.

If, on the other hand, you want to update Gmail contacts by computeraccess your mailbox, click on the iconlittle man located in the sidebar on the right and press on contact you want to edit. Then click on the relevant icon pencilproceed to update the data of your interest and press the button Saveto save the changes.