How to use google Hangouts Meet

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You have to hold meetings with colleagues or customers and have thought about relying on Hangouts Meet, the now famous Google platform for creating group video conferencing and presentations. Unfortunately, however, you are not familiar enough with the technology and, therefore, you are now looking for information on how to use this service.

How do you say? Are things actually like this? Then you will be happy to know that, in today’s guide, I will explain to you how to use Hangouts Meet to hold meetings from your PC or from your smartphone or tablet. First, however, I will give you some information that will be useful for you to fully understand how the service in question works.

So, if you can’t wait to start reading the advice I’ve prepared for you, all you have to do is sit back comfortably and dedicate just a few minutes of your free time to me: you’ll find everything you need to reach your goal right below. Happy reading and good work!

How to use google Hangouts Meet 2023

Google Meet

Hangouts Meetalso known as Google Meet, is a videoconferencing service developed by Google, available free of charge both on computers, smartphones and tablets. Through Hangouts Meet it is therefore possible to create meetings and participate in them.

A Google Meet meeting can have a maximum duration of 60 minutes with the limit of 100 participantsif you don’t have an account G Suite. For holders of a G Suite account, however, it is possible to extend these limitations, respectively, up to 24 hour meeting And 250 participants.

If you need to get all the features of Google Meet, then you need to purchase a G Suite subscription plan, starting from 4.68 euros/month. If you want more information on this, I suggest you read my guide on how to create a G Suite account.

Alternatively, you can also use the free version of the service by logging in with a common free Google account. If you don’t already have one, my advice is to follow the instructions I gave you in my guide on how to create a Google account.

How to use Hangouts Meet on PC

Sign in to Google Meet

If you want to find out how to use Hangouts Meet on PCknow that to succeed in this attempt it is not necessary to install any program, as this platform is completely accessible from a web browser using Google Chrome, MozillaFirefox, Microsoft Edge And Safari. As for other browsers, there may be compatibility issues, such as su Internet Explorer: in this case, you will need to install the plugin available at this link.

To use Hangout Meet, the first thing you need to do is go to the official website of the platform. Then, to start a new meeting, press the key Start a meeting and log in with yours google account.

Once this is done, you will be taken to a new screen for managing video conferencing settings. First, grant permissions to access the microphone and to webcams connect to your PC by pressing the appropriate consent button in the box shown at the top left of the browser.

Now, using the ⋮ icon found in the lower right corner of the player, select the item Settings from the box that is shown to you. In the new screen, then use the tabs above to verify that the correct ones are used audio and video peripherals of your PC. You can also set the quality and resolution of the transmission by adjusting the parameters in the tab’s drop-down menus Video.

At this point, choose whether to start the video conference using the key Participateor start a video presentation, using the key Presents. If you choose to make a presentation, you will be prompted to choose whether to share your entire screen or a running application screen.

If you have started a video conference, an on-screen message will provide you with the access link to be provided to other participants to join the newly created conference. Alternatively, you can also press the key Add peopleto personally invite participants to the meeting.

To join users into the meeting, simply hand over the join link or the code in the URL itself. In this case, participants will need to go to the Google Meet website and type the relevant code into the box Meeting codethen confirming with the key Participate and then with the button Ask to participate. Finally, the owner of the meeting will have to confirm admission to the room by clicking on the button Admit.

Google Meet

While in a video conference, you can use the controls at the bottom to mute your microphone and webcam or to exit the meeting. By pressing on the button Submit now instead, you can start a video presentation with an application or the entire desktop.

If you need to distribute the sharing link to other participants, press the button Meeting details. Using the buttons above, however, you can use the controls to access thelist of participantsopen the chat or pin yours in the foreground webcams.

Finally, by pressing the ⋮ key located at the bottom you can access the menu for editing the layouts to view the participants’ webcams, activate it full screen or enable i subtitles. Clicking on the item Settingsyou can then configure the audio and video devices.

How to use Hangouts Meet on smartphones and tablets

Google Meet on Android

Hangouts Meet is available on smartphones and tablets android and also up iPhones And iPads. You can use the Hangouts Meet services by downloading and installing the appropriate free app available on the Play Store and alternative stores on Android or on the iOS/iPadOS App Store.

After launching the app via its quick launch icon, agree to requests for access to device features, to ensure that it can function properly. At this point, you will reach a new section where you will see a preview of the camera.

What you have to do now is press the button New meetingin order to create a new videoconference, or press on Meeting codeto join an existing conference using an invitation code.

You can immediately adjust the audio and video settings by pressing the on-screen controls: you can mute the microphone or video camera or, by tapping on thespeaker iconyou can enable the audio in the speakers, the phone speaker or mute the audio output completely.

By pressing on the button New meeting, the videoconference will start: using the tabs at the bottom you will then be able to view the list of participants and open the chat, while the controls on the screen will allow you to manage your audio and video. Finally, by pressing on the icon (…) at the top, you can change the camera, activate subtitles or start a slideshow of the screen.

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