How to verify email address in gmail {Simple Steps 2023}

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How to verify email address in gmail-Is it possible to verify an e-mail address in such a way as to be able to ascertain that it is actually used by a given person? The answer, sorry to disappoint you, is no. Or rather, not directly. Luckily, in fact, users’ privacy is always protected and their email addresses cannot be “spilled” on the net without an explicit cosine. However, this does not detract from the fact that with a little luck and a pinch of good will it is still possible to try (and, why not, even manage) to track them down. You ask me how? Well, read my guide on how to verify email address and, in no time at all, you’ll find out.

In fact, in the following lines I will show you some useful systems that you can try to put into practice to try to verify your email address. All the solutions in question are completely legal and do not in any way imply the violation of the privacy of others.

How to verify email address in Gmail

At that time? May we know what are you still doing standing there? Run and read the instructions that you find below and you will see that in the end you will not only be able to clear your mind on how to verify your email address but, if necessary, you will also be happy to recommend all your friends who need some advice. analogous.

How to verify email address

The first step you need to take to be able to verify a person’s email address consists, in a nutshell, of going by logic and trial and error in order to try to trace the alleged email account of a specific user.

If you are interested in identifying the email address of a person who you know has a Gmail email account , you can therefore follow the diagram below. However, keep in mind that Gmail email addresses do not include any dots in the initial part of the same and therefore making “tests” including this type of punctuation also makes no sense.

  • nomecognome@gmail.com
  • cognomenome@gmail.com
  • nome_cognome@gmail.com
  • cognome_nome@gmail.cm
  • nomecognomeannodinascita@gmail.com
  • nomecognome_annodinascita@gmail.com
  • cognomenomeannodinascita@gmail.com
  • cognomenome_annodinascita@gmail.com
  • nickname@gmail.com
  • nicknameannodinascita@gmail.com
  • nickname_annodinascita@gmail.com

If, on the other hand, you want to try to locate the e-mail address of a person who you know uses Outlook.com or who in any case has a Microsoft Live/Hotmail account, follow the following scheme. However, take into account the fact that until some time ago the registration on the Windows Live services of the Redmond company provided for the automatic assignment of an e-mail address based on the name and surname of the reference user. With the introduction of the Outlook.com and Outlook.it addresses, the naming policy has changed but the fact remains that you can also try with those.

  • nome.cognome@outlook.com (oppure .it)
  • cognome.nome@outlook.com (oppure .it)
  • nome_cognome@outlook.com (oppure .it)
  • cognome_nome@outlook.com (oppure .it)
  • nomecognomeannodinascita@outlook.com (oppure .it)
  • nomecognome.annodinascita@outlook.com (oppure .it)
  • nomecognome_annodinascita@outlook.com (oppure .it)
  • cognomenomeannodinascita@outlook.com (oppure .it)
  • cognomenome_annodinascita@outlook.com (oppure .it)
  • nickname@outlook.com (oppure .it)
  • nickname.annodinascita@outlook.com (oppure .it)
  • nicknameannodinascita@outlook.com (oppure .it)
  • nickname_annodinascita@outlook.com (oppure .it)
  • nome.cognome@live.com (oppure .it)
  • cognome.nome@live.com (oppure .it)
  • nome_cognome@live.com (oppure .it)
  • cognome_nome@live.com (oppure .it)
  • surname_name@hotmail.it (or .com)
  • name_surname@hotmail.it (or .com)
  • surname.name@hotmail.it (or .com)
  • name.surname@hotmail.it (or .com)

Want to try and locate the email address of someone you know has an email account with Yahoo ? Then stick to the diagram that you find right below.

  • nome.cognome@yahoo.com
  • cognome.nome@yahoo.com
  • nome_cognome@yahoo.com
  • cognome_nome@yahoo.com
  • nomecognomeannodinascita@yahoo.com
  • nomecognome.annodinascita@yahoo.com
  • nomecognome_annodinascita@yahoo.com
  • cognomenomeannodinascita@yahoo.com
  • cognomenome_annodinascita@yahoo.com
  • nickname@yahoo.com
  • nickname.annodinascita@yahoo.com
  • nicknameannodinascita@yahoo.com
  • nickname_annodinascita@yahoo.com

In the unfortunate event that all the attempts already implemented have proved ineffective or if you are trying to trace the e-mail address of a given person belonging to a service other than those already indicated, you can try to follow this other pattern. However, remember to replace the term service that you find after the at sign (@) with the name of the e-mail provider that you think the person you would like to contact could use.

  • surname_name@servizio.it (or .com)
  • name_surname@servizio.it (or .com)
  • surname.name@servizio.it (or .com)
  • name.surname@servizio.it (or .com)
  • name.surname@servizio.it (or .com)
  • surname.name@servizio.it (or .com)
  • name_surname@servizio.it (or .com)
  • surname_name@servizio.it (or .com)
  • name.surname@servizio.it (or .com)
  • surname.name@servizio.it (or .com)
  • name_surname@servizio.it (or .com)
  • surname_name@servizio.it (or .com)
  • namesurnameyeardinascita@servizio.it (or .com)
  • firstnamesurname.annodinascita@servizio.it (or .com)
  • namesurname_yeardinascita@servizio.it (or .com)
  • surnamenameyeardinascita@servizio.it (or .com)
  • surnamename_yeardinascita@servizio.it (or .com)
  • nickname@servizio.it (or .com)
  • nickname.annodinascita@servizio.it (or .com)
  • nicknameannodinascita@servizio.it (or .com)
  • nickname_annodinascita@servizio.it (or .com)

How to verify valid email address

Now let’s see what tools can be used to understand whether an email address could be valid or not (even if we don’t have the absolute certainty of its existence).

Verify Email

email verification

The first service I want to tell you about is Email Verification . This is a website that, as the name suggests, allows you to check the validity of e-mail addresses. Obviously keep in mind that you will not be shown the name and surname of the actual owner of the e-mail address entered but you will be indicated only and only if the e-mail entered is really existing and active or not.

Therefore, connect to the main Web page of Email Verification via the link I provided above, then click in the Email address field and, from the page that opens, scroll down until you find the Enter email address box to verify the address e-mail address whose existence you want to verify (e.g. name.surname@live.com or surname.name@hotmail.it ). Then press the Enter button on the keyboard to start the verification procedure.

If the test result is positive, you will be shown a green box indicating that the e-mail address you previously typed is valid. If, on the other hand, the result of the test carried out using the Verify Email website is negative, a red box will be shown on the screen indicating that the previously entered e-mail address is not valid.

If the email you typed is valid, you can immediately try to verify the email address by sending an email message to it, indicating who you are and specifying the fact that you may also have the wrong recipient. Then wait for an answer that can confirm or deny your research.

Note: if no search results appear, try using another browser, e.g. Chrome and disable adblock.



Hunter.io is a tool for finding and verifying email addresses. For example, if you want to know the address of a company but you can’t find it on their web page, then you can use this site. Here, simply by entering the company name or the site link , you will be able to know the official address (or in any case one connected to the company) to which to send the emails.

Among the various tools available, there is also the one to check whether an email account is actually valid or not. To use it, the first thing to do is to register for free on the site. Then press the Sign up button and choose whether to enter your email address or complete the procedure using a Google account .

Once finished, you can proceed to verify the mail addresses. To do this, just connect to the service, select the Product tab and choose the Email verifier item from the list that appears. Although the site is completely in English, the entries are so few and the steps so simple that it is within everyone’s reach.

From the email verification page enter the address you want to check in the box in the middle of the screen and press the Verify button . If the mailbox exists, you will be shown a box with all the main information and, where available, also links to websites where this address is shown. If, on the other hand, it is not active or available, the message Invalid will appear next to the Email status item .



Another web service I want to tell you about is Email-Checker.net , which is very basic and no-nonsense. By connecting to its main page, in fact, you will immediately find the tool for verifying emails in the foreground.

Therefore, enter the email address you want to verify in the Email address box and then press the Check button . A box will appear on the right with the writing Result: OK if the mailbox you are looking for is active and suitable for receiving messages; if, however, it is not a currently existing address, the response will be Result: Bad . The check is lightning fast and easy to interpret, so it leaves very little room for doubt.

Among the other tools on this site, which can be found under the Menu item , at the top right, is the Email extractor , i.e. a system for finding emails within a text. Useful if you have to find the address scattered in a very long text, but with a niche use.



Another site that is really simple and immediate to use is VerifyEmailAdress.org , which is minimalist but does its job well. Again, there aren’t many tools to use, just the one to verify the existence or not of an email address.

By connecting to the main page, you will find a box at the top of the page where you can enter the email box you want to check. When you’re done, hit the Verify email now button on the right and wait for the site to process a response.

If the answer is positive, some information will be shown, including a wording stating [namemail] seems to be valid . If, on the other hand, the answer is negative, the final writing will be [namemail] seems not to be valid , thus establishing that he probably cannot receive emails.



Another site I want to tell you about is Sonov.io , which is decidedly full-bodied and full of advanced tools for marketing and data verification. In fact, on its main page you will find a quick explanation of all the services offered (addressed to those who work in marketing, for example in sending newsletters). The site does not have an Italian translation but it is very simple to use.

Focusing only on verifying email addresses, the first thing to do is connect to the main page and, from the top tab, pass the mouse pointer over the Product item , then choosing the Email verifier item . In the new screen that has opened, enter the mailbox to verify in the Enter an email address to verify it field and press the Verify button .

After a short processing, a positive or negative response should appear for the address in question. If that doesn’t work, then hit the Sign in button , create an account and then select the Email verifier tool found in the left menu. Once you create a profile, the response and functioning of the site itself should be better.